Beijing, November 26th-28th, 2009



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Message from the General Co-chairs



Prof. Amine Bermak

General Co-Chair
BioCAS 2009


Prof. Zhihua Wang

General Co-Chair

BioCAS 2009


Prof. Yong Lian

General Co-Chair

BioCAS 2009


It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the 2009 IEEE Biomedical Circuits and Systems Conference (BioCAS 2009) that is taking place in the capital city of the world's fastest growing economy Beijing, China. BioCAS 2009 is the 4th in a series of very successful conferences organised under the auspices of the BioCAS Technical Committee of the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society and in co-sponsorship and cooperation with other bodies including two major Universities, namely Tsinghua University in China and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.


The mission of BioCAS is to bring together scientists, engineers and medical researchers and practitioners from all over the world to meet, discuss cutting-edge research and exchange innovative ideas in the area of biomedical circuits and systems and to solve complex real world problems requiring inter-disciplinary collaboration. The conference provides a real platform for seeking productive collaboration within and between academia and industry in rapidly growing area of biomedical circuits and systems. It has witnessed a very steady progress and has gained an international reputation as a major event in the area of biomedical circuits and systems. This is the result of a healthy progress of the event in terms of its significance, reputation, international exposure and diversity, as well as the quality and extent of its technical program reflected in terms of number of papers submitted and presented. This year has witnessed the submission of a total of 118 papers from 26 countries. A total of 59 regular papers were accepted with 57% acceptance rate. BioCAS has always kept its single track feature enabling maximum interaction and wide attendance of delegates. BioCAS also features full-day tutorial open to all delegates, making the event technically very rewarding one. 


The program of BioCAS has always been very rich and flexible adapting to very fast changes in this emerging area of research. This year, our sessions cover the latest advances in many new emerging areas such as Implantable Image Sensor Technologies for Biomedical Applications, Neuroprosthetic Circuits & Systems, Computing with Neural Circuits: Biological & Electronic, to name few.  In addition BioCAS 2009 is also very delighted to host three authoritative keynote speakers, namely: Prof. Nitish Thakor, Johns Hopkins University, NeuroEngineering and Biomedical Instrumentation Lab; Prof. Chris Toumazou, Director and Chief Scientist at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering, Imperial College London; and Professor Masayoshi Esashi, from the World Premier International Research Center Advanced Institute for Materials Research (WPI-AIMR), Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan.  Besides the solid technical program, the diversity of nationalities and topics that we were able to attract are very impressive.  BioCAS is without any doubt progressively playing a key role and is becoming a superior event within the biomedical circuits and systems research and industry community.


The quality of any conference directly depends upon the selection process and the quality of the papers. Under the leadership of the Technical Program Co-Chairs Prof. George Yuan, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Prof. Mohamad Sawan, Ecole Polytechnique Montreal, Canada and Prof. Tor Sverre Lande, University of Oslo, Norway, the program committee selected an outstanding set of papers. We would like to thank the Program Co-Chairs and all the TPC members for their expertise, hard work and dedication. We also thank all reviewers and authors who submitted papers and the speakers who will be presenting the papers. We are also very grateful for our valuable sponsors: IEEE Circuits and Systems Society, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Tsinghua University.


Last but not least, we are confident the conference will be technically rewarding and will provide its delegates with golden opportunities to make new friends and contacts and to enforce the existing network links as well as to discover and explore new ideas and cutting-edge research. We would like to encourage you to play an active role in the conference and to contribute to this exciting conference. We hope that you will find this conference a technically rewarding and a friendly experience. We also hope that you will take this opportunity to explore Beijing and China.  Above all, warm welcome to BioCAS 2009 and China!