24 Jun 2013
HKUST ROV Team shone in the Asia Regional IET/MATE Underwater Robot Challenge and the International MATE ROV Competition 2013

The HKUST ROV Team, a sub-team of HKUST Robotics Team, shone in the Asia Regional IET/MATE Underwater Robot Challenge 2013 held on 13-14 April 2013. 9 university and 24 high school teams from 8 countries around Asia competed in two categories, Ranger Class and Explorer Class. The HKUST ROV Team won the Champion Award in the Explorer Class.
As the champion team of the Asia regional competition, our team represented Hong Kong to join the International MATE ROV Competition 2013 in USA on 22 June 2013, where they won the Champion Awards in Technical Report and Poster Display. Our team also ranked 4th in the Explorer Class (University Level) out of a total of 24 explorer teams from USA, UK, China, Egypt, Hong Kong and Canada.
Our amazing team is formed by 12 UG students (1 from the SENG 4-Y program, 1 from CPEG, 2 from CSE, 4 from ECE, 3 from MECH and 1 from PHYS). This is the first time we have a joint team, and the third consecutive time our ROV Team represented Hong Kong in the International MATE ROV Competition.
List of team members:
MA Matthew (CPEG Year 1)
FONG Chun Man (CSE Year 2)
YUEN Hei Chit Adrian (CSE Year 2)
CHEUNG Ho Kai (ELEC Year 1)
SUN Zeyu (ELEC Year 1)
WIDY Andreas (ELEC Year 1)
YOGA Y. Nadaraajan (ELEC Year 2)
CHUNG Ching Chun (MECH Year 1)
HAN Ne Myo (MECH Year 2)
THAM Yik Loong (MECH Year 1)
IM Zhuo Quan (PHYS Year 1)
SOEBRATA Christopher Sebastian (SENG 4-Y Program Year 1)

In order to promote serving learning, 8 volunteers (6 UG and 4 PG engineering students) provided tremendous support as judges in the high school competitions. They were also greatly appreciated by the organizer.
Organized by the Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE), the ROV competition aims to increase student and educator awareness of marine technical fields and has been an important platform for connecting students and educators with marine technology employers and professionals. Each year, the competition attracts hundreds of higher education students from across the globe, including USA, Japan and Hong Kong.