05 Feb 2014
Four research works by ECE Students and Professors to be showcased in ISSCC 2014

HKUST School of Engineering Alumni & Friends Reception at ISSCC

Three papers by students and professors of ECE are accepted to be presented at the IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference (dubbed "Chip Olympiad" by local press) to be held on 9-12 February 2014 in San Francisco, USA.
The first paper is by Lin Cheng and Yonggen Liu, entitled "A 10/30MHz Wide-Duty-Cycle-Range Buck Converter with DDA-Based Type-III Compensator and Fast Reference-Tracking Responses for DVS Applications". This paper presents an integrated Type-III compensator built around a difference-differential amplifier that reduces the silicon area of the controller by 60% and achieves reference tracking simultaneously. It also presents a delay compensated ramp generator that can work up to 70MHz. These techniques are targeted at the eventual integration of DC-DC converters fully on-chip. The paper is supervised by Prof. Wing-Hung Ki.

The second paper is by Yan Lu, entitled "A 0.65ns-Response-Time 3.01ps FOM Fully-Integrated Low-Dropout Regulator with Full-Spectrum Power-Supply-Rejection for Wideband Communication Systems". This paper presents an output-pole dominant low-dropout regulator based and improved on the flipped voltage follower topology that achieves at least 12dB power supply rejection from DC up to and beyond 20GHz, making it a suitable power regulator for wideband communication systems. The paper is co-supervised by Prof. Wing-Hung Ki and Prof. C. Patrick Yue. Lu is also one of the recipients of the IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society Predoctoral Achievement Award in recognition of his achievements in IC design to be presented at ISSCC. Please refer to this ECE news item for details.

The third paper is by Jungmoon Kim, an exchange student from Korea University, entitled "A 0.15V-Input Energy-Harvesting Charge Pump with Switching Body Biasing and Adaptive Dead-Time for Efficiency Improvement". This paper presents three novel ideas which allow the charge pump to operate at low input voltage down to 0.15V and high power conversion efficiency up to 72.5%. This paper is co-supervised by Prof. Philip K. T. Mok of HKUST and Prof. Chulwoo Kim of Korea University.
Prof. Howard Luong and Prof. Philip Mok also received Fellow Awards at ISSCC 2014 for their research contributions.

In addition to the three regular papers, one Student Research Preview paper will also be presented. The paper is authored by Wai Chiu Ng, Ruoyu Xu and Prof. George Yuan, in the area of highly-sensitive high-speed CMOS imaging sensor design.
The IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) is the premier forum for presentation of advances in solid-state circuits and systems-on-a-chip. The conference offers a unique opportunity for engineers working at the cutting edge of IC design and applications to maintain technical currency, and to network with leading experts. The ISSCC Student Research Preview is organized as short presentations of work-in-progress in conjunction with a poster presentation and optional demo.

The School of Engineering Center for Industry Engagement and Internship and the ECE Department also hosted the second annual Alumni and Friends Reception on Monday Feb 10th, 2014, 5-7 PM, at ISSCC.