03 Feb 2015
The paper by Prof. Chigrinov, Prof. HS Kwok and Prof. Abhishek Srivastava's Research Team was the second most downloaded paper in Optics Letters in Nov 2014 and was cited by Liquid Crystals Today in Jan 2015

The paper titled "Optically rewritable 3D liquid crystal displays" by ECE PhD students Mr. Jiatong Sun and Mr. Wanlong Zhang, ECE MPhil graduate Mr. Lu Wang, Prof. Abhishek Srivastava, Prof. V. Chigrinov, and Prof. H.S. Kwok, was the second most downloaded paper in Optics Letters in November 2014.
The paper was also cited by Industry and Applications News, Liquid Crystals Today (Volume 24, Issue 2, 2015), which was published on 30 Jan 2015.
Furthermore, an article on the paper including an interview with Prof. Srivastava was featured on apptheneum.
Paper Abstract:
Optically rewritable liquid crystal display (ORWLCD) is a concept based on the optically addressed bi-stable display that does not need any power to hold the image after being uploaded. Recently, the demand for the 3D image display has increased enormously. Several attempts have been made to achieve 3D image on the ORWLCD, but all of them involve high complexity for image processing on both hardware and software levels. In this Letter, we disclose a concept for the 3D-ORWLCD by dividing the given image in three parts with different optic axis. A quarter-wave plate is placed on the top of the ORWLCD to modify the emerging light from different domains of the image in different manner. Thereafter, Polaroid glasses can be used to visualize the 3D image. The 3D image can be refreshed, on the 3D-ORWLCD, in one-step with proper ORWLCD printer and image processing, and therefore, with easy image refreshing and good image quality, such displays can be applied for many applications viz. 3D bi-stable display, security elements, etc.
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