04 Nov 2016
Launch of the new administration office of ECE

To celebrate the successful opening of the new department administration office, and the completion of Phase I renovation of the Department.
A soft office launch party was held on 4 Nov 2016 afternoon at the new office, providing an opportunity for all the faculty and staff members to gather, and visit this brand new office and the new facilities.
Prof. Bertram SHI, Department Head of ECE gave a speech in the beginning of the party. “There is still much to do, as this is just the completion of phase 1 of the 3 phases.  The whole process will not be completed until Spring 2017.  Nonetheless, we have come a long way since we began this process back in September 2015… We hope all of you enjoy the new office.” says Prof. Shi.
More than 50 faculty and staff members joined the party making it a very joyful afternoon.