03 Feb 2017
ECE Final Year Thesis won the Merit Award in the HKEIA Innovation & Technology Project Competition 2016

The result of the “HKEIA Innovation & Technology Project Competition Award: For Students of Electronic Engineering or Related Engineering Fields (2016)” has been conferred. 
ECE 2016 graduate SETHI, Gursimran Singh has won the Merit Award in the project competition for his final year thesis "Novel approaches and genetic algorithms for reconfigurable and tunable multiport pixel antenna design using liquid crystals and RF MEMS" supervised by Prof. Ross Murch.
Being co-organized by The Hong Kong Electronic Industries Association (HKEIA) and Hong Kong Electronic Industries Association Education Foundation (HKEIAEF), the objective of the HKEIA Innovation & Technology Project Competition is to recognize and reward students with outstanding final year projects which demonstrate excellence in technology and innovation. 
Sharing by SETHI, Gursimran Singh:
“I started my final year thesis under the supervision of Professor Ross Murch a year earlier than I was supposed to. I knew that the topic I had chosen was particularly challenging and that I would need a lot more time than the other FYPs. It has been a tremendous experience working on this project primarily because it has involved an integration of interdisciplinary research and creative thinking. After spending several laborious hours, we have been able to design and manufacture the world’s first transparent reconfigurable antenna. The implications of this work are remarkable as these antennas can be employed in various applications ranging from smart windows to micro-satellites. Working on this project has been indeed an incredible journey, comprising of failures and successes, but the two things that kept me going were the encouragement I received from my professors, and my determination to never give up.”