19 May 2017
ECE students were awarded Special Mention for the HKUST President’s Cup 2017

ECE students NAKKA Dhesant Jogi and RUSLIM Elvin were awarded Special Mention for the HKUST President’s Cup 2017. The award-winning project was titled “Development of a Low-Cost Underwater Acoustic Communications System” supervised by Prof. Tim Woo. The Cup Winner, Gold Award, Silver Award, and two Special Mention(s) were selected out of 26 competing teams in this year’s competition. The winning teams are listed on the President’s Cup website.
About President’s Cup
The HKUST President’s Cup is an annual competition that invites students to embark on a tenacious pursuit of excellence in research and innovation. Inaugurated in 2002, the competition provides a unique learning experience to students – it encourages students’ creativity, cultivates students’ interest and expertise in research, and recognizes students’ excellence in achieving innovativeness. The competition is open to undergraduate students of all years and all disciplines. Students are welcome to join individually or as teams.