ECE Final Year Project Industry Day 2017

 :  12 May 2017 (Fri)
 :  1:30pm - 5:00pm
Venue  :  Outside Lecture Theatre A, Academic Concourse, HKUST

All Engineering UG and PG students have been invited to join the ECE FYP Industry Day, a friendly gathering for ECE FYP students to show other students, faculty and companies their project work and share their ideas. It was a great opportunity for students to learn from these projects and get some inspiration for their own future FYP or research work.
There were 72 FYP groups, a record-high number of groups, and 10 demo teams, and over 200 students, faculty, and representatives from companies joined this annual event. To show our appreciation of students’ hard work on Final Year Project and to recognize the achievement of them, the 3 best FYPs and the two best FYTs have been selected by the department based on the evaluation of supervisors and panelists to win the best FYP and best FYT awards.
Moreover, judging panels formed by company representatives selected the top 3 FYP Demos to win the Gold, Silver and Bronze Demo Awards.
Students also voted for their most favourite poster to win the Most Popular FYP Poster Award.
The results were announced at Lecture Theatre H on the same day. Through this event, we hope our student can enhance their communication skill and had exposure to the local industry. 
Winning Teams:
FYP Demo Awards:
Gold Award: “Brain-computer Interface for Wheelchair Control" by AHMED Saif, BEN AYED Ahmed &  MEHTA Jainam Bharatkumar*, supervised by Prof. Jianan QU
Silver Award: "Wireless Gesture Controlled Robot" by LAM Pak Hang & TSANG Kam Fai*, supervised by Prof. Ling SHI and Prof. Cai, Lilong 
Bronze Award: "Location Information Applications for IoT" by BAKSHI Pallav*, supervised by Prof. Shenghui SONG
Most Popular FYP Poster Awards:
"Voice Controlled Smart Instrument(s)" by LAI Hoi Man Hyman*, LEE Fung Sze & PEH Yin Shan, supervised by Prof. Jianan QU
Best FYP Awards:
Champion: "Power Losses Modelling of DC-DC Buck Converters" by BUDHRANI Ravish, supervised by Prof. Johnny K. O. SIN
1st Runner Up: "Wireless Gesture Controlled Robot" by LAM Pak Hang & TSANG Kam Fai*, supervised by Prof. Ling SHI and Prof. Cai, Lilong
2nd Runner Up: "Development of an Underwater Acoustic Communication System for Sensor Networks or Robotics Applications" by NAKKA Dhesant Jogi & RUSLIM Elvin*, supervised by Prof. Kam Tim WOO
Best FYT Awards (2 Champions):
"Design of 60Ghz Magnetic-Tuning Transformer-Coupling Qvco" by YU Chendi*, supervised by Prof. Howard Cam LUONG
"Design of High Performance VLC Receiver" by WANG Zhaoqing*, supervised by Prof. Patrick YUE
Company Sponsors for the FYP Industry Day Awards:
ASM Technology Hong Kong Limited
Globaltec Electronics Ltd
Guangdong Hiway Integrated Circuit Technology (Hong Kong) Co. Ltd.
Hong Kong Telecommunications (HKT) Limited/PCCW
Micom Tech 
Rohde & Schwarz HK 
RS Components