Power Semiconductor Reliability - An Emerging Field

by Dr. Krishna Shenai, Founder and Vice President, LoPel Corporation, Naperville, IL 60564, USA

 :  25 Feb 2005 (Fri)
 :  3:30pm - 4:30 pm
Venue  :  Roomm 3008, 3/F (Lift 3), HKUST

Next-generation power electronics systems used in communication, computing and energy sectors need to have "nine-9's" of field-reliability - more than four-fold improvement compared to today's systems. The field-reliability of power electronics systems is measured in terms of Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF). For example, an MTBF in excess of 1 million hours is demanded for high-end computing servers employed in today's information network.

The system MTBF in turn needs to be related to short-term and long-term failure mechanisms in power electronics system components such as power semiconductors. The current methodology and design tools are do not provide such information, and cannot be used to predict field-reliability of power systems. New accelerated stress testing methodologies, failure physics and analysis, reliability modeling, and advanced CAD tools need to be developed that can be used to build power electronics systems with "built-in" field-reliability.

This talk will discuss some critical issues pertaining to this field based on research performed by the author in the past decade.

Dr. Krishna Shenai, is a world-renown technologist and entrepreneur. He earned his B.Tech (electronics) from IIT-Madras (India), MS (EE) from the University of Maryland ?College Park (USA), and Ph.D. (EE) from Stanford University (USA). Between 1980 and 1993, he held senior scientist positions at the COMSAT Labs, General Electric Corporate R&D Center and Intel Corporation. He was a professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (1993-1995) and the University of Illinois-Chicago (19952004). Dr. Shenai's research pertains to solid-state energy conditioning in a wide range of industrial, commercial, military and space applications. He has authored or co-authored over 300 peer-reviewed papers, 4 books, 10 book chapters, and is awarded with 15 issued patents and 10 pending patent applications. He served as an editor of IEEE Trans. Electron Devices (1990-2001), founding editor-in-chief of IEEE Electron Device Newsletter (1994-2001), guest editor of three special issues of IEEE JSSCC and TED, and an elected member of IEEE EDS AdCom for two three year terms (1996-1998, 1999-2001). He has served on numerous IEEE conference committees and as the General Chair of 1998 IEEE BCTM and founding General Chair of 1998 IEEE IWIPP and 1990 and 1994 IEEE CEOT conferences. He received a best paper award at the 1996 IEEE BCTM, University Scholar award, William Brown award and FINDS award. He is a Fellow of IEEE, a Distinguished Lecturer of IEEE EDS, and an elected member of Yugoslavian National Academy of Engineering. Dr. Shenai serves as a consultant to several Fortune-2000 corporations around the world on technology, business, and on matters related to intellectual property.


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