HKUST ECE Shenzhen Industry Day

 :  02 Nov 2012 (Fri)
 :  11:30am - 6:40pm
Venue  :  1/F Lecture Hall, HKUST Shenzhen IER Building, No. 9 Yuexing 1st RD, South Area, Hi-tech Park, Nanshan, Shenzhen

The Second Annual HKUST ECE Shenzhen Industry Day was held on 2 Nov 2012 in the HKUST Shenzhen IER2 Building in Nanshan, Shenzhen. This event was the fruitful result of the collaboration by co-organizers – the Department of ECE, the newly established SENG Center for Industry Engagement & Internship, and the HKUST Shenzhen Research Institute (SRI).

The purpose of this event was to promote and explore collaboration opportunities between the SZ local industry and the ECE Department on mutually interested research topics.

To kick off the event, Prof. Ross Murch (Head of ECE) and Prof. Mitchell Tseng (Associate Vice-President for Research & Innovation) gave a warm welcome speech to the 60+ attendants from local companies and representatives from HKUST.

This was followed by an introduction of the recently launched Texas Instruments (TI) Scholar @ HKUST program. Prof. Patrick Yue (Director of Center for Industry Engagement & Internship) shared the experience on setting up the program with a leading multi-national technology company like TI through diligence of both parties and working closely with the champion of this program within TI, Ms. Irene Deng (Design Manager & Senior Member of Technical Staff, Semiconductor Group). Ms. Deng was instrumental in establishing this new program which sponsors selected master degree graduates from ECE to participate in a 6-month co-op program at TI and HKUST. She emphasized the potential value of this program to TI in both recruiting and exposure to the latest advanced research being pursued at HKUST. Ms. Deng then presented a commemorative plaque to the First TI Scholar, Mr. Cedric Li (MSc, ICDE, Class of ‘12). During the Poster & Demo Session of the Industry Day, Mr. Li gave a demo of using standard white LED for visible light communication, which was part of his project jointly supervised by Prof. Patrick Yue and Prof. Kei May Lau (Chair Professor of ECE).

The technical sessions of the Industry Day featured presentations, posters and demos on 3 selected research areas in which ECE are particularly strong. These included the latest LED technology and market trend, integrated circuits, systems and applications, and biomedical electronics, which were led by Prof. Kei May Lau, Prof. Patrick Yue, and Prof. Weichuan Yu (Associate Professor of ECE), respectively. Our faculty speakers were Prof. Kei May Lau, Prof. Patrick Yue, Prof. Weichuan Yu, Prof. George Yuan (Associate Professor of ECE), Prof. Levent Yobas (Assistant Professor of ECE), and Prof. Bert Shi (Professor of ECE). Guest speakers from the industry were Dr. Phil Chen (R&D Manager of Osram), Dr. David Xiao (Managing Director of Advanced Photoelectronic Technology), Dr. Justin Chuang (Vice President and Group Director - Communications Technologies Group of ASTRI and Adjunct Professor of ECE), Dr. Joy Laskar (VP of Advanced Technology of Insite Partners), and Ms. Rebecca Liu (Senior Manager - Strategic Business Development, Greater China & South Asia Region of STMicroelectronics).
11:30am – 1:30pm    Lunch for HKUST faculty and invited companies – Shenzhen IER Building

1:30pm – 1:45pm    Welcome Speech by:
- Prof. Ross Murch, Head of ECE
- Prof. Mitchell Tseng, Associate Vice-President for Research and Innovation of HKUST
1:45pm – 2:00pm    Opening Remarks and Plaque Presentation Ceremony for the first Texas Instruments (TI) Scholar @ HKUST sponsored by TI (by Prof. Patrick Yue, Professor of ECE)

2:00pm – 3:30pm    Presentations on Specific Research Areas:
- Area 1: LED (Chaired by Prof. Kei May Lau, Chair Professor of ECE)
• Prof. Kei May Lau – “50th Anniversary of LED Technologies and Applications – 1962 to 2012”
• Dr. Phil Chen (Osram) – “Recent development of Solid-State Lighting”
• Dr. David Xiao (Advanced Photoelectronic Technology) – “High-brightness LED chip fabrication and packaging technologies for solid-state lighting”

3:30pm – 4:00pm    Coffee Break and Poster & Demo Session

4:00pm – 6:15pm    Presentations on Specific Research Areas:
- Area 2: Systems and Applications (Chaired by Prof. Patrick Yue, Professor of ECE)
• Prof. Patrick Yue – “Optical Communications”
• Dr. Justin Chuang (ASTRI) – “LTE IC design: From algorithm to SOC and solutions through collaboration among ASTRI, universities, industry and government”
• Dr. Joy Laskar (Insite Partners) – “Development and Promise for mmW Mixed-Signal IC technology”
• Ms. Rebecca Liu (STMicroelectronics) – “Bringing Innovative Ideas To Life - Biomedical Electronics”

- Area 3: Biomedical Electronics (Chaired by Prof. Weichuan Yu, Associate Professor of ECE)
• Prof. Weichuan Yu – “Anatomical and functional analysis of ultrasound images”
• Prof. George Yuan – “Integrated Sensing Technology”
• Prof. Levent Yobas – “Battling the cancer with biochips”
• Prof. Bert Shi – "What can engineering learn from neuroscience?"

6:15pm – 6:30pm    Sharing by Distinguished ECE Alumni Dr. David Xiao

6:30pm – 6:40pm    Concluding Remarks (by Prof. Patrick Yue, Professor of ECE)