Joint Seiminar - Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering, IEEE Photonics Society (Hong Kong Chapter)
Integrated Nano- and Micro- Photonic Technologies for future Networking and Computing Systems

by Prof. S. J. Ben Yoo, University of California, Davis
Electrical and Computer Engineering
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 :  09 Nov 2012 (Fri)
 :  2:30 - 3:30pm
Venue  :  Rm 2612A, 2/F (Lift 31, 32), Academic Complex, HKUST


This talk will cover advanced device, system, and networking technologies based on integrated photonic and electronic circuits that will significantly impact the performance and energy-efficiency of the future Internet.  Software-defined elastic optical networks and data center networks require reconfigurable and agile integrated circuits with high-bandwidth.  Future data centers are in need of ultra-low latency and high-radix interconnects.  RF-photonic technologies based on silicon photonic and InP integration platforms recently helped realize integrated optical arbitrary waveform generation and measurement (OAWG and OAWM) systems capable of generating and detecting variable data rates (10 Gb/s ~1 Tb/s) with variable modulation formats (OOK, DPSK, QPSK, 64QAM, etc) across flexible bandwidth.  Coupled with optical performance monitoring and intelligent control plane, the elastic optical networking testbed at UC Davis demonstrated hitless defragmentation and adaptive resource assignment in elastic optical networking.   In addition, CMOS-compatible silicon photonics offer a practical platform for routing and transporting multi-wavelength optical signals interconnecting electronic processors and memories. Potentially, such a system can grow to a ~1000 core system optically interconnected by 100~1000 wavelengths where a flat-hierarchy computing architecture becomes possible.  We will discuss recently developed silicon CMOS-photonic integrated switch with high port counts and integrated photonic circuits capable of reconfigurable signal processing and spatial division multiplexing.  The talk will conclude by addressing the future prospects on photonic-electronic-integrated circuits on a CMOS-compatible SOI platform and their impacts on future Information and Communication Technology (ICT).


S. J. Ben Yoo is Director of UC Davis branch CITRIS (Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society) and Professor of Electrical Engineering at University of California at Davis (UC Davis).  His research at UC Davis includes high-performance optical switching systems, nano photonic-electronic systems integration for next generation networking and computing systems.  His recent demonstrations included optical label switching routers scalable to 42 Petabit/sec aggregate capacity with 1000 times improvement in performance/power efficiency and terabit flexible bandwidth networking.  Prior to joining UC Davis in 1999, he was a Senior Research Scientist at Bellcore, leading technical efforts in optical networking research and systems integration. His research activities at Bellcore included optical-label switching for the next-generation Internet, reconfigurable optical networks, wavelength interchanging cross connects, wavelength converters, vertical-cavity lasers, and high-speed modulators. He also participated in the advanced technology demonstration network/multiwavelength optical networking (ATD/MONET) systems integration, and a number of standardization activities.  Prior to joining Bellcore in 1991, he conducted research on nonlinear optical processes in quantum wells, a four-wave-mixing study of relaxation mechanisms in dye molecules, and ultrafast diffusion-driven photodetectors at Stanford University (BS’84, MS’86, PhD’91, Stanford University).  Prof. Yoo serves as serves as an Associate Editor for IEEE Photonic Technology Letters, Guest Editors for IEEE/OSA Journal of Lightwave Technology, IEEE Journal of Special Topics in Quantum Electronics.  Prof. Yoo is Fellow of IEEE and OSA, and a recipient of the DARPA Award for Sustained Excellence in 1997, the Bellcore CEO Award in 1998, and the Mid-Career Research Faculty Award in 2004 and the Senior Research Faculty Award in 2011 at UC Davis.