Joint Seiminar - Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering, IEEE Photonics Society (Hong Kong Chapter)
Microring lasers and resonators: achievements and future challenges

by Dr. Marc Sorel, University of Glasgow

 :  02 Jul 2013 (Tue)
 :  11:00 am - 12:00 noon
Venue  :  Rm 2463, 2/F (Lift 25, 26), Academic Complex, HKUST


Optical resonators built on ring and disk geometries have become key components in the development of photonic integrated circuits. Their unique potential for dense integration combined with their design flexibility make them ideal for a wide and diverse range of applications such as optical signal processing, metrology, optical telecommunications, non-linear interactions, sensing. The talk will review some of the recent results in the field with a particular emphasis on current research activities at Glasgow University. These include tunable silicon microresonators for efficient non-linear interactions, microdisks for the generation of optical vortex beams, coupled resonators for the synthesis of optical filters and delay lines, and III-V microring lasers for fast switching and all-optical processing. The talk will also discuss novel applications and devices, and examine some of the main challenges to be addressed in the development of future complex integrated circuits.

X. Cai, et al., “Integrated Compact Optical Vortex Beam Emitters,” Science, vol. 338, no. 6105, pp. 363–366, Oct. 2012.

F. Morichetti, et al., “Travelling-wave resonant four-wave mixing breaks the limits of cavity-enhanced all-optical wavelength conversion”, Nature Communications 2, 296, May 2011


Marc Sorel was awarded a Laurea degree cum laude in Electrical Engineering in 1995 and a PhD degree in 1999, both from the Universita’ di Pavia.  He joined the University of Glasgow in 1998 as a Marie-Curie Fellow where he became Lecturer in 2001 and Senior Lecturer in 2008.  He leads the strong Glasgow research theme of silicon photonics and ring lasers.  He has been involved in several EU and National projects on slow light in silicon photonics, semiconductor micro-ring lasers, integrated semiconductor gyroscopes, fast tunable semiconductor lasers, chirped Bragg grating for pulse shaping and mode-locked semiconductor lasers.  He has published over 100 research papers that attracted over 3000 citations (h-index of 27) and serves in several conference scientific committees including ECIO, Photonics North and CLEO Europe.