Student Competitions

9th National Undergraduate Student “Freescale Cup” Intelligent Car Competition

“Freescale Cup” Intelligent Car Racing has been organized by the semiconductor company, Freescale, for nine years. Over the years, it became a hot robotics event in mainland China and aroused attention from students in related disciplines. It aimed to encourage students to apply circuit design and mechanics knowledge, embedded software programming skills, and control theories in smart model car racing. The fastest car to complete the track without derailing, wins. According to the sensors used, teams were divided into three categories: Optical Group, Electro-magnetic Group and Camera Balance Group. Teams from the Optical Group were required to identify the track by processing analog data obtained from linear CCDs while those from the Camera Balance Group relied on image processing through a camera with an extra requirement – standing up and racing with only two wheels. Finally, teams from the Electro-Magnetic Group used wireless sensors to detect the location of a signal wire located underneath the racetrack.
Red Rabbit, the Smart Car Team of the HKUST Robotics Team, made a breakthrough in the 9th National Undergraduate Student “Freescale Cup” Intelligent Car Competition (South China Region) held in Wuhan University of Technology from 21st to 24th of July 2014. The student team is formed by 4 CPEG, 3 COMP, 3 SENG Yr-1 and 1 MAE students. They competed with 345 teams in three categories and received four awards, including a Second Class Award and a Third Class Award in Optical Group, a Third Class Award in Electro-magnetic Group and a Certificate of Merit in Camera Balance Group. This has been the best result of the team since their first participation in 2011.

Besides joining the competition, our students also visited two local universities for the Friendship Exchange Program.

Two of the SENG Yr-1 students from the student team will join the ECE program in the coming Fall semester.