Student Competitions

Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) Competition 2011

The HKUST Robotics Team is co-supervised by Prof. Zexiang Li and Prof. Tim Woo of the ECE Department. This year, the School of Engineering has expanded the Robotics Team into several teams to compete in 4 robotics competitions. One of the sub-teams of the Robotics Team - the ROV Team named "GEAR", consisting of engineering students from several departments, designed an underwater robot and participated in the HK Regional Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) Competition on 9-10 April 2011. They passed the qualification trail and did an excellent job. With this achievement, the ROV Team is eligible to attend the 2011 MATE International ROV Competition in Houston, Texas, USA, on 16-18 June 2011, to compete with 26 teams from 19 regions.

At the Competition in USA, the HKUST ROV Team has won the Design Elegance Award and came in 9th Place out of 26 teams. The award was given based on the aesthetics, simplicity and functionality of the underwater robot's design.

Members of the ROV Team "GEAR":
Aaron Sheshan Ryan (ECE)
Kwan Ho Yin (ECE)
Kwan Ka Chun (CPEG)
Lau Saw Lak (ECE)
Lee Ho Sum
Lee Kam Sing (ECE)
Leung Chun Yin
Leung Kin Yeung (ECE)
Leung Lok Ping
Lui Chap For (ECE)
Wong Ka Kin
Wong Ming Shing (ECE)
Yuen Ka Shing (ECE)
Organized by the Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE), the ROV competition aims to increase student and educator awareness of marine technical fields and has been an important platform for connecting students and educators with marine technology employers and professionals. Each year, the competition attracts hundreds of higher education students from across the globe, including USA, Japan and Hong Kong.
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