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Communication Tutors

The Communication Tutors (CTs) are here to help both ECE Undergraduate and Postgraduate students with written and oral communication. Our services are free of charge to students and are aimed at helping you improve your oral and written communication. We want to help you present your written and verbal coursework in the best possible way.

How we can help…

1. How to structure and lay out your Final Year Progress and Final Year Reports.
  How readable is the report?
  Does the report flow logically from sections to subsections?
  How accurate is the grammar?
  Have you presented your arguments and materials in clear English?
  Have you made proper use of sources and referencing?
2. FYP Posters and Presentations
3. Statements of purpose
4. CV’s, cover letters and interview skills
5. Conversation practice

1. Theses
2. Dissertations
3. Articles and proof reading for any piece of writing
  Style Guides
4. CV’s, cover letters and interview skills
5. Conversation practice

UG students in the three year program are required to meet with a CT during the first semester of their first year, the second semester of their second year, and to review their final year project progress report during their third year. We anticipate that UG students in the four year program will have similar requirements. An online booking system will be released in October 2012 (for first year students) and March 2013 (for students preparing their FYPs) to make an appointment to meet with us.

You can however, approach us throughout the year to assist you with any work you need help with.

The ECE CT team are:
Name Email Phone Office
Tamie Konstas eetamie@ust.hk 2358 8536 Room 2395 near lifts 17 & 18
Tania Wilmshurst eetania@ust.hk 2358 8536 Room 2395 near lifts 17 & 18

We work part time so it is best to email us to schedule a meeting with us, but otherwise feel free to submit any work in progress or questions to us by email for our input.

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Remember – there is a direct correlation between how your reports are written and your results. We are here to help you!