Honors and Academic Awards

Honours Degree
In addition to maintaining a good academic standing, students must satisfy the following requirements before an honours degree is awarded. The student must:

1. Earn the minimum number of credits that is required for the program. A grade of D or better must be obtained in all subjects used to satisfy degree requirements.
2. Pass all the core or required subjects in the course.
3. Successfully complete a final year project.

At graduation, a graduation grade average (GGA) is calculated from the subjects that are presented for the award of a degree. The award of the degree is based on the results achieved in all three years of study and according to the GGA. The degree is divided into five classes:

Degree class GGA
First Class Honours A- and above
Second Class Honours, Division I B+, B
Second Class Honours, Division II B-, C+
Third Class Honours C, C-
Pass D+ and below

Academic Achievement Award

The HKUST Academic Achievement Medal was established in 1994 to commend our undergraduate students for their outstanding academic achievements. This is the highest academic honor bestowed by the University on undergraduates upon graduation.

The Medal is presented annually at the University Congregation. To be qualified as a Medal recipient, the student must satisfy all of the following criteria:

a) Be graduating from a bachelor's degree program;
b) Have no record of course failures during his/her study at HKUST; and
c) Have achieved a final cumulative grade average (CGA) of at least 3.9. The final CGA should include at least 60 HKUST credits (for three-year programs) in the calculation.

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