Internship Training

Our Department encourages students to undertake internships to replace taught industrial training and fulfill the HKIE accreditation requirement. This enables students to have a head start on career development and strive for excellence in the real world beyond the university.

All ECE/CPEG students in the 4-year curriculum will be automatically registered in a new zero-credit course, ELEC1991/CPEG1971 Internship Experience, starting from the 2nd summer of their study. Students are required to engage in full-time internship training for a period of at least six weeks in a position or company recognized by the Department as relevant to the electronic and computer engineering profession. Students must also complete the USTSEEB Safety Training module.

Enrollment in ELEC1991/CPEG1971 will continue until internship requirement is fulfilled. If students do not complete an internship by the end of Year 3 summer, they will be required to complete the industrial training modules set by the HKUST Industrial Training Center (ITC) in their final year. The industrial training modules consist of two parts: the first part is taken at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University Industrial Centre (HKPUIC), and the second part is taken in-house at HKUST ITC.

Before starting an internship, students should apply for approval and submit their CV on the e-Advising System. Prof. Wai Ho Mow, Internship Coordinator of ECE, will check whether the internship position can provide an industrial exposure experience and is relevant to the students' program of study. A position at a company is generally approved as long as it is broadly related to the program, but a position at a university is generally considered to lack industrial exposure experience. A brief report together with supervisor feedback need to be submitted online upon completion of the  internship.

(Note that Gibson is the CPEG Internship Coordinator; c.f.

Workshops, talks, and recruitment events are organized every semester by HKUST, SENG, and ECE, and new internship jobs are posted regularly. Please visit the following links for job openings and events:

SAO Career Center
SENG Center of Industrial Engagement and Internship (IEI)
ECE Career Website
Joint Institution Job Information System (JIJIS)
HK Science & Technology Parks - Talent Pool Platform

Important Notes:
All paperwork should be done on e-advising.
By year 2, student should prepare and submit CV.
AS SOON AS an internship position is found, submit job description with offer letter/email as proof via e-advising for provisional approval by the Internship Coordinator.
UPON COMPLETION of internship (NOT just before your graduation), submit supervisor feedback form, internship report, and student survey, for final approval.
Students unable to find internship by summer of year 3 then undertake taught industrial training as last resort.
For final approval, a complete application via e-advising include: 1) online application form; 2) supervisor feedback form; 3) internship report; and 4) student survey. After uploading your complete application, you may email the Internship Coordinator to expedite the approval process.
The complete application for fulfilling the internship requirement must be submitted within the same calendar year that the internship was taken for final approval.
Otherwise, the internship taken will be FORFEITED, unless a special approval from the Internship Coordinator is granted in exceptional circumstances.

If you have any questions regarding internship and industrial training, please contact:
Prof. Wai Ho Mow
Tel: 2358 7070
Email: eewhmow