Learning and Mentoring

UG Student Affairs Committee

The UG Student Affairs Committee meets twice every semester. It handles all issues related to UG student learning and mentoring. This includes:

Orientation of new students
Mentoring and advising of students
International and Mainland students
Academic performance
Exchange programs and scholarships
Final Year Projects / Theses
QAC issues - ensuring quality processes are in place, such as staff-student liaison
Workload monitoring of programs and courses on a semester-by-semester basis
Student life

Membership of the Committee is as follows:
Faculty Role Phone Email
Prof. Shenghui Song UG coordinator 23585033 eeshsong
Prof. Philip Mok Associate Head / UG coordinator 23588517 eemok
Prof. Zhiyong Fan Year 2 & Exchange Program Coordinator 23588027 eezfan
Prof. Wing Hung Ki Year 3 & International Student Coordinator 23588516 eeki
Prof. Volkan Kursun Year 4 & FYP/T Coordinator 23587043 eekursun
Prof. Wei Zhang Female Student Coordinator 23588170 eeweiz
Prof. Ling Shi Mainland Student Coordinator 23587055 eesling
Prof. Weichuan Yu  Mainland & International Recruitment Coordinator 23587054 eeyu
Prof. Wai Ho Mow  Internship and Industry Coordinator 23587070 eewhmow
Prof. Tim Woo Competitions and Co-curriculum Activities Coordinator, HD Direct Entry Coordinator 23588540 eetim