Financial Aid & Scholarships

All scholarships at HKUST are established through private contributions from corporations, professional bodies, foundations, alumni, and individual donors. For undergraduates, students who have excellent academic performance will be automatically nominated for these scholarships. The Hong Kong Government also provides financial assistance schemes for those who are in need.

For postgraduates, awards in the form of studentships are allocated to qualified full-time MPhil and PhD students of the University to provide them with financial assistance during the course of their study. Awards are based on academic merit and the suitability of the applicant for the proposed program of study, as is the selection of applicants for admission to postgraduate studies. Recipients of studentships are required to engage in ancillary teaching and research duties in the Department, which supplement their formal degree programs. The nature of these assignments may change from time to time according to need.

The Department has also allocated a number of postgraduate scholarships to encourage international students from outside of Greater China to study in Hong Kong. They are allocated to qualified full-time MPhil and PhD students.

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