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JUPAS Admissions

Ms. Shavian Ng
2012 ELEC Graduate
Management Trainee of Nestle

“Studying Electronic Engineering here can make your dreams come true. I had opportunities to work on fascinating projects, participate in competitions, and join an internship to help me develop a wide range of technical and inter-personal skills, which are very useful for my career in the management field.”

Mr. Sunny Kwan
2012 ELEC Graduate
Senior Technical Officer of PCCW

“The University is the ideal place to broaden your horizons, and the Electronic Engineering program offers you the training to sharpen your analytical skills.”

Mr. Ivan Chun
2011 EEGBM Graduate
Graduate Engineer of MTR Corporation

"My education in ECE has equipped me with solid knowledge related to my career, like the Power Electronics and Photonics technology used on MTR trains and signaling systems. I am glad to have chosen the top Electronic Engineering program in Hong Kong."

LO Hon Pan, Anthony
BEng (ELEC) 2012, admitted to MPhil (ECE) in 2012

"I believe that the power of Electronic Engineering has always been changing human's life in this information era. When I was in secondary school, I visited HKUST and found that it put great emphasis on training professionals in technology. This is the reason why I chose the Electronic Engineering program in HKUST.

In these 3 years, I was given great flexibility in choosing different subjects that I was interested in. They covered a wide range of areas of electronic engineering and some business related topics. I also had the chance to take part in an exchange program in the National Taiwan University, which truly broadened my horizon. In addition, I had the opportunity to participate in various competitions by joining the HKUST robotics team.

For my final year project (FYP), my advisor Professor Bertram Shi gave professional advice and support to our group. Our team won the FYP Industry Day 2012 Gold Award with our project “Object Searching Robot with Kinect”, and some multinational companies showed great interest in our work.

I am now pursuing my MPhil (ECE) studies in HKUST, and I hope to become a successful engineer in the future."

Lau Ka Man Carmen
BEng (ELEC) 2009

"I found the Electronic Engineering program curriculum offered by HKUST comprehensive and interesting. After entering HKUST, my excellent campus life began. I joined the student society, which strengthened my communication and leadership skills, and enabled me to meet a lot of friends.

In these three years, I was involved in many projects, and the most important one was the final year project, where I had to build a multi-function digital photo frame with my teammates. Two goals were completed in this project: it provided photo display and cognitive training for elderly people who suffer from Alzheimer's disease. The project was meaningful to me. Moreover, our final year project also entered two design competitions and had satisfactory results. The valuable experience helped me to build confidence and improve my presentation skills.

As engineering students, our team contributed to the society by implementing our knowledge and skills into practice. I hope that I can develop my future career in Electronic Engineering, an area of great interest to me."

Ka Wai CHEUNG (1st left on 1st row)
BEng (ELEC) 2007
Chairperson of ECESS 2005-2006

"Studying at HKUST was really tough. Everyone was tremendously busy and tense all the time. But being the Chairperson of the ECE Students' Society, I found another side of campus life. Although I had more work to do, I had learned how to cooperate with our committee members and got to know many people from different departments. The experience had certainly broadened my view and made my campus life more meaningful."

Adam MAN
BEng (Double major: EEIC & CSIE) 2005
MPhil (ELEC) 2007

"The education I received from HKUST was both strenuous and joyful. The assignment workload was enormous, but I got the chance to study abroad as an exchange student. Without the encouragement and support from the professors, I would not have been able to fulfill my dream of pursuing overseas studies."


Direct Admissions

Mr. Tony Mak
2011 ELEC Graduate
Microprocessor Engineer of Micom Tech Limited

“In my 2 years at Micom Tech, I have completed over 6 interesting projects related to student learning devices, blue tooth communication app, smart air-conditioner control system, etc., and I find the problem solving skills and hardware knowledge learned in the Electronic Engineering program highly beneficial to my work.”

John S Y HO
BEng (ELEC-HR) - 2010
PhD candidate in Stanford University, USA

"HKUST is a compelling mix of Asian culture (yes that includes the "study hard" part) and international exposure. The hallways flock with students hailing from countries you might never had heard of, yet it'll take only a step out the door to practice that Cantonese you've been working on with a bus driver. And HKUST might even look a little bit like yourself. It's young, ambitious, rapidly rising in a trajectory so steep it makes you a little dizzy to look back and see how far it has come in so few years. So take a chance, cling on for a ride. It might take you farther than you've ever expected."

Yong Yong KHOO
BEng (ELEC) 2010

"Hong Kong is really a wonderful place for ambitious people to pursue their dreams with diligence and perseverance. People are amicable and friendly if you really approach them. Since I know the Cantonese language, I find it easier to mix with local friends.

Campus life is satisfying. The breathtaking view of seaside and hillside is really romantic and fascinating. The academic building, the internet service facilities, library, laboratories and lecture theatres are very advanced and user-friendly.

In Year 2 Fall Semester, I had taken an ISOM (information system and operation management) course. The freedom to take general courses enhances our skills in management."

Anik DEY (2nd from right)
BEng (ELEC) 2010

"HKUST is one of the most beautiful campuses you will ever see, with lots of green and a wide range of facilities. There are a lot of places where you can hang out with friends or by yourself. The library, the self-access center (a place with a huge collection of educational cds, dvds and movies and not to mention desktops with 19" LCD panels), the mini soccer pitch and the coffee shop are my favorite hotspots.

In Year 1, the Digital Design course helped me understand the basics of a finite state machine and we ended up making a digital counter that counts up to a certain value and then counts backwards. In my CMOS VLSI design course, I came across the design process involved in the making of transistors. In my 8051 microprocessor course, I helped make a device that controls the lights inside a room making sure no lights are turned on when there is no one inside."

LAI Kai Ho
BEng (ELEC) 2009
Currently working at Appotech Limited as an IC Designer

"The main duties of my current job are designing IC layouts and fundamental building block designs, and IC testing. During my undergraduate studies, I have learned theories related to IC design and layout techniques. All the IC design courses offered by the ECE Department have been helpful for my job.

I think the Internship Program of the ECE Department is useful for helping fresh graduates find jobs, especially in the economic downturn this year."

BEng (ELEC) 2009

"I chose to study in Hong Kong since I wanted to combine a quality engineering education with first-hand insights into China. Looking back today HKUST was just the right choice for that: The flexible curriculum of the electrical engineering program allowed me to select courses based on personal interest and specialization. State-of-the-art facilities and faculty of world class reputation ensure interesting and instructive classes. At the same time I learned about Chinese culture and society from my friends and classmates, improved my Chinese through language courses and exchanged to Shanghai for one semester through the department's exchange program. All this is completed by HKUST's amazing campus which is beautifully situated at the seaside surrounded by nature while providing quick access to Hong Kong's bustling center.

After graduation I want to work towards improving Chinese-German cooperation in the field of high-technology and infrastructure."

LIEW Seng Fatt
BEng(ELEC)-HR 2008

"HKUST offered me the best chance to study abroad in terms of scholarship, teaching staff and facilities. Besides, Hong Kong is always a thrilling city with a uniquely blended culture of east and west. So, there was simply no reason for me not to choose HKUST. Far away from my family, the campus was just like my second home, and I enjoyed the hall life so much. I made wonderful friends and I certainly miss those memorable moments.

For my academic work, the major project I have done was my thesis research which was related to optical manipulation. It was so exciting that an undergraduate student could have the opportunity to conduct his own research and with full support from faculty members.

After arriving at Yale, I realized that the academic system here is very similar to UST. More to my surprise is that the PRS (Personal Response System) that has been employed by HKUST several years ago has only been recently adopted by Yale for teaching purpose. So, it is no doubt that HKUST is really on par and competing with top tier universities in the United States. Thanks to the academic knowledge and research experience I have gained in UST, I was able to adapt to the hectic academic life in Yale with ease. The programming skills and hands-on experience with lab tools and electronic devices I have learned are very helpful for my current research project. Moreover, ECE is a very broad engineering field and so it provided me with just the right insights on how to conduct interdisciplinary research."

LAM Chi Wai, Lance
BEng (EEIC) 2007

"Being a student in HKUST is really an unforgettable and fantastic experience in my life. I will never forget the wonderful times when I worked on projects with my teammates and brainstormed ideas with my professors. In the President's Cup 2007 competition, inspired by my FYP supervisor, my teammates and I introduced our invented searching algorithm to the judging panel and my schoolmates. In this competition, not only did we win the Silver Award, we also gained self-confidence, improved our language abilities, strengthened our friendship, and got an invaluable chance to take photos with my idol, President Paul Chu!

During my studies at ECE, I have matured a lot and built a right attitude of learning. I am deeply grateful for my professors for their experience sharing and their advice on my studies and career path."


Mainland Students

Mr. Fred Sun
2011 ELEC Graduate
IT Analyst of JP Morgan

“If you want to build the next iPhone and you don't mind pulling some all-nighters at the lab or getting to the bottom of the beautiful information theory while meeting the brightest people, ECE @ HKUST would be a great choice.”

WANG Xiaoli
BEng(ELEC)-HR 2012

“Four years ago, I chose HKUST over top universities in Mainland China because I was deeply attracted by the breathtaking sea view and the globalized environment here. Now I'm pretty sure that I have made the right choice, as HKUST offers tremendous opportunities both academically and culturally: the HKUST Robocon team provides the platform for students of diverse backgrounds to design robots together; the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) allows me to get involved early into research and even offers me the chance to attend an international conference to present my UROP paper. Moreover, there are lots of exchange opportunities each year, and my exchange studies in the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) has broadened my horizons and prepared me for my graduate studies in the US. Apart from these opportunities, professors in HKUST are all worldwide famous and always ready to answer students' questions regarding both study and life. Therefore, undergraduate studies in HKUST is not only about taking courses, but there can be more fun with projects, research, nice professors and exchange life. One more point to mention is that the sports facilities here are all free for students and I like the seaside swimming pool most.

Thanks to my academic experience in HKUST, I have been accepted by Stanford, Princeton and Harvard for graduate studies. During my PhD studies, I hope I can work towards advancing my current understanding of signal processing and wireless communications, and identify and solve problems in related areas.”

BEng(EEIC) 2011


离开北京来到香港,地理和文化的差异带来了全新的生活。没有了家长的照顾,必须要适应独立的生活——活动该不该参加、应该选什么课、时间和资金怎么安排等等问题都要自己解决。科大的生活十分紧张,因为在攻读课程和处理日常生活问题之外,还有很多课外活动,比如机器人制作小组、本科生科研活动(Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program)和各种设计比赛。



LI Xiaoyu
BEng(ELEC)-HR 2010


作为年轻而富有活力的大学,科大提供全英文授课环境,体现北美教育理念。这里的教育不仅注重培养扎实的知识基础,更重视学生创新思维、动手能力以及团队协作精神的养成。教授们善于将自己的前沿研究融入课堂,让我们分享他们在研究过程中的思考。在Year 1的时候,我参与了亚太机器人大赛(ABU ROBOCON)。期间,工学院提供了先进的仪器设备和经费支持,李泽湘教授更时刻关注并予以指导。经过团队的努力,我们在香港获得冠军和季军,并代表香港参加了在印度举办的决赛。这段宝贵的经历也成为我在高盛面试中崭露头角的一个重要因素。科大每年都提供许多项国际交流计划。借此计划,我在Year 2到加州大学圣巴巴拉分校进行了一学期的交换学习,并由此对大洋彼岸的美国有了较全面的认识。最后一年,我有幸跟随施毅明教授做毕业设计。从对神经网络学一窍不通,到慢慢建立起视觉控制系统,教授的点拨和实验室师兄师姐的帮助使我受益匪浅,我也从中学会了如何搞研究做学问。



LIU Yangyang
BEng(ELEC)-HR 2010


LI Yilei
BEng(ELEC)-HR 2010




DAI Hongkai
BEng(ELEC)-HR 2010
PhD Candidate in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA


我在大二(Year 1)的时候加入了科大的robocon队,准备参加由亚洲广播电视联盟举办的一个机器人比赛。当时自己通过大一的学习,感觉自己解决具体工程问题的能力有相当欠缺,参加这样一个需要大量实际操作的比赛对提高自己的工程素质有很大好处。在一年的比赛准备过程中,我们设计并且制造了多部机器人,编写相应的程序,并且完成测试,整个过程需要大量的时间投入,最后我们收获了香港的冠军和季军。整个比赛最大的收益,是我对这个方向产生了浓厚的兴趣。我的暑期实习及毕业设计都涉及机器人领域的研究,最终我能被MIT的机器人运动实验室录取,很大程度上受益于这些研究经历。


BEng (CPEG) 2009
Currently pursuing PhD degree at Rice University, USA

"I am in the Rice Efficient Computing Group, and my current research area is about Mobile Systems.

Basically, the fundamental electrical and computer skills such as programming, algorithms, computer architecture and mathematics, which I have learned during my studies in the ECE Department, are vital in my current research. The courses offered by ECE are also highly relevant to my current research. However, some skills and knowledge need to be obtained by reading papers.

From my point of view, the ability of finding new problems and proposing new ideas, which I am not familiar with during my undergraduate studies, are essential in graduate school."

WANG Mingyu
BEng(ELEC) 2009

"在科大的四年电子及计算机工程学系,是我成长最快的四年。学校提供给我们各种各样的机会和平时在科大所见所闻的经历,不仅让我们学到知识,而更是一种思维方式的升华,包括解决问题的途径、包容却批判地看待问题等等。科大的每门工科课程基本上都有各种贴近实际的Course Project,锻炼了运用所学知识的能力;在机器人Robocon比赛、校长杯、商业计划等大赛获奖的经历让悟出了与他人合作的重要性;在美国一学期的交换让我懂得对不同文化的包容;在微软,中金和刚成立的新公司的实习经历让我见识了最好的技术公司、最好的金融公司和最年轻的企业各自不同的管理模式。种种这些科大给我的经历,归根结底,我认为都是一种对视野的拓宽,这对我今后一生都很重要,学会怎么做事,怎么做人。"

WEN Wenjie
BEng (ELEC) 2004
PhD candidate in Princeton University, USA

"HKUST fulfilled my dream as a young scientist. I am grateful for the well-rounded life education and experience I have gained here. In this world-known "MIT in Asia", I learned from world-class faculty members, who always stimulated and inspired us. In addition, we were encouraged to explore courses of our own interest outside the ECE Department. I also appreciate HKUST for providing a fertile field for undergraduates to step foot on academia research. This has been extremely crucial for my research in the graduate school. Working with top-notch faculty and hard-working graduate students in well-equipped labs, such experience inspired my way of thinking and had deep impact on me. I am thankful for everything at HKUST."


Postgraduate Admissions

SUN Minghui
MPhil (ECE) 2010
Currently employed by Shusaku Yamamoto as a Computer/EE Technology Specialist in Osaka

“All the valuable skills come with pain. Embrace the pain with a more positive mindset. There are never ending opportunities step out of my comfort zone, and I am a better professional and problem solver as a result.”

YEUNG Chi Ho, Leo
MPhil (ELEC) 2011
Worked as a Consulting Intern in Microsoft
Joined an overseas internship exchange prorgram in Paris

"The world-class professors and open research environment in HKUST are the main reasons why I chose to pursue my MPhil degree here. As I have also obtained my undergraduate degree in HKUST, it allows me to have a better connection with my undergraduate studies, transfer overloaded credits and start my research earlier. Last year, I joined a research and development project on the latest multimedia technology with external corporations.

The campus life is fruitful. We have the opportunity to be undergraduate hall tutors, join internship programs in global technology firms and participate in international competitions. The training of the MPhil program is definitely useful for my future career or further studies overseas."

LIU Feng
PhD (ELEC) 2009
Currently employed by ASTRI as a Senior Engineer

"For my post in ASTRI, the main job duty is to design the interface between MAC layers and PHY layers as well as system integration testing. Strong communication skills and strong C-programming and assembly-programming background are essential for my current job.

Although my past research and current job duties are not directly related, there are some common skills I learned in the ECE Department that has helped me succeed in my career. They are: the passion to learn, ability to learn fast, and good programming style."

Jonathan Yi Ho LEE
BEng (ELEC) 2005, MPhil (ELEC) 2007
PhD candidate in Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Rochester, USA

"HKUST Department of ECE has been offering lots of opportunities for students to explore their interests with flexible programs. During my undergraduate studies, I have been exposed to a variety of interesting subjects in electronic engineering. This foundation helped me to pursue my postgraduate studies. I learnt not only professional knowledge but also problem analyzing and solving skills. More importantly, I found my passion in my research area and proceeded with my advanced studies overseas. I am now a PhD candidate in the University of Rochester working on silicon photonics devices for optical communications, and I will always take my experience in HKUST as the lessons of my life."

Dr. Kevin Tsia
BEng (ELEC) 2003, MPhil (ELEC) 2005

"Rather than explicitly laying down the facts of ECE, such as its high-ranking among universities in the world and its top-tier faculty, I think the key quality which ECE provided me (and I enjoyed most) throughout my 5-year life at HKUST is time management. People may say that the training offered by ECE is somewhat intensive. But, if you try to flip the coin and look at the other side, intensive training also means broad exposure. Indeed, the vast opportunities that ECE has provided the students enable them to explore as much as they could and prepare them to meet the challenges ahead. Here the key trick is how you could manage to capture most of these opportunities - by managing your time and maximizing your throughput. This had a profound impact on my PhD research at UCLA. I don't think I can reach this far right now without realizing the importance of time management. I think the same attitude should apply not only to those who are interested in pursuing academic research, but also to those who have the ambition to succeed in the industry.

"Time is what we want most, but what we use worst". So, work hard, and work smart!"


Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme

Mao Yuyi
Admitted to PhD(ECE) in 2013

Hello! I am Mao Yuyi. It is a great honour for me to become an awardee of the Hong Kong PhD fellowship (HKPF) and share my experience here.

I have got my bachelor's degree from Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China in 2013. After which, I joined Department. of ECE, HKUST as a PhD student. HKUST is one of the leading university in Asia, famous not only for its contribution to cutting-edge research and nurturing highly qualified students, but also for its charming campus and unforgettable sea view. It is a precious opportunity for me to get admitted to HKUST for my postgraduate study. Additionally, thanks to the HKPF, my economic burden during the staying in Hong Kong is liberated, and thus I can fully concentrate myself on the study and research.

Because of the high standard requirement, students in HKUST need to work very hard and the pace of life is unimaginably fast. Fortunately, our school, departments and faculties are acting as a powerful hand, to help us step forward and get out of the difficulties. Also, they are always willing to be a pair of faithful eyes, to witness our growth in the best time of our life. In HKUST, I am focusing in the field of wireless communications. It is extremely lucky for me to work in a world-class research group, with brilliant and nice professors, and talented students as well. After one year's study, I believe HKUST is the right choice for me.

Peng Yang
Admitted to PhD(ECE) in 2013

My name is YANG Peng. I got my Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Science and Technology at Wuhan University. I am now a PhD student in ECE department. I enjoy being a member of HKUST for her excellent faculties and research environment as well as its exclusive beauty. Thanks to HKUST and HKPFS, I can have the chance to meet and study together with the best students from all over the world.

My current research interests include Network-on-Chip (NoC) and Optical Network-on-Chip (ONoC). In large-scale Chip multiprocessor (CMP), which is becoming an attractive platform for applications demanding both high performance and high energy efficiency, the communication efficiency among cores is crucial for the overall system performance and energy consumption. NoC and ONoC are promising candidates to address the communication issue. I hope what I’m doing can make a contribution to the future computing system.

Xiaopeng ZHONG
Admitted to PhD(ECE) in 2013

It’s a unique opportunity for me to be part of HKUST after I got my Bachelor’s Degree from Zhejiang University, China. Life in HKUST is wonderful and I love it! This top university in the world has impressed me a lot with the excellent faculties and leading research. Especially, ECE holds a great academic reputation over the world due to its innovation, research and education and it is continuing to shine. Thanks to HKPFS, I am concentrating on my research and have more confidence in pursuing my PhD degree. I hope my research will make a lasting contribution in engineering. After one year in HKUST, I believe that experience here is definitely precious and fruitful! Welcome to join us.

Admitted to PhD(ECE) in 2012

It is indeed a great opportunity for me to get accepted into a PhD program in ECE while receiving the HKPF award. I was interested in HKUST and HKPF for several reasons. Hong Kong is located in a strategic location where the East meets the West, and it is playing a pivotal role in transforming the region into a scientific and educational hub. HKUST has been a part of the rapid transformation by rising up to become a top ranked research university, especially in the engineering discipline. I get to work with top notch faculty and develop my research skills while getting an exposure to the Chinese culture.

My current research interests include Computational neuroscience, Biologically motivated vision and learning. The great thing about being an HKPF awardee is that, you are more financially comfortable so that you can focus on research while enjoying your stay in Hong Kong. I believe having good grades at UG level with some research exposure and extracurricular activities helped me to secure the award.  HK certainly is a vibrant and attractive city to live and learn! I hope that I could make a fair contribution to science and continue to have a great time within the next few years as a PhD student!

Ahmed Abdul QUADEER
Admitted to PhD(ECE) in 2012

My name is Ahmed and I am from Pakistan. I completed my undergraduate studies in 2006 at NED University of Engineering and Technology, one of the oldest and esteemed engineering universities of Pakistan. The aptitude of facing difficult problems and the satisfaction after solving them drove me to the field of research and in late 2006, I joined King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (KFUPM), Saudi Arabia, as a research assistant and obtained my MS degree in Electrical Engineering. My thesis resulted in 1 US patent, 1 book chapter, 2 journal papers and  5 conference papers in top journals and conferences in the field of signal processing and communication. I worked as a lecturer in Electrical Engineering department at KFUPM to enhance my teaching skills while continuing my research work. Thus besides teaching, I got involved in many research projects that helped me to learn signal processing tools that could be applied in various fields.

After working for four years as lecturer, I decided to pursue my PhD studies and started applying to different universities. My preference was to get admission in a top university in Asia due to personal constraints. I selected HKUST as it was the optimal choice for the following two reasons. First, HKUST is one of the top-ranked universities in the field of Electrical Engineering and has an excellent, highly reputed, and multi-disciplinary faculty. Second, I was successful in securing the prestigious HKPF based on my academic qualifications and research experience.

After joining HKUST, under the supervision of Dr. Matthew McKay, I decided to challenge myself by working in a completely different multi-disciplinary field – computational medicine – in which I study many immunology-related problems and use different statistical signal processing tools to come up with potential vaccines against viruses. Currently, I am working on Hepatitis C Virus and Influenza. My stay at HKUST has been very pleasant and I am enjoying doing my research, thanks to the friendly and highly supportive attitude of my supervisor and the dynamic environment of the university. I hope that I can make some significant contributions by my research for the welfare of humanity in general and for the people of Hong Kong in particular.

Rui MA
Admitted to PhD(ECE) in 2011

I graduated from Nanjing University, China with Bachelor’s Degree in EE. Actually it’s been two years since I joined HKUST. During this period of studying, I got a deep look at Hong Kong, and also HKUST. Hong Kong is an international city combining both Chinese and western cultures. For us mainland China students, Hong Kong is close to us in both physical and psychical distances. Also it’s very convenient to go overseas from Hong Kong, in terms of academic conferences, research visiting and exchange, and internship. The universities in Hong Kong are young but grow very fast. HKUST now becomes one of the best universities in Asia and especially the School of engineering holds a good academic reputation over the world. HKPF is an amazing fellowship for new RPGs. It offers solid financial support so that we could focus our attention on research. HKPF is also an honorable award that approves your past achievement and increases your confidence.

Liang LI
Admitted to PhD(ECE) in 2011

"I’m Li Liang, a mainland awardee of HKPFS from UESTC. My major is IC design and about a year ago, I heard about HKPFS. At that time, like many of my classmates who were applying to graduate schools outside mainland China, I was wandering around different university websites. HKUST was one of my target universities because of its good research reputation in engineering in Asia. In addition, Hong Kong’s advantage of exposing myself to international atmosphere and standards without being too far away from home was very attractive to me. When I was doing online application, I saw the HKPFS banner on the webpage. Through reading the introduction and asking my friend who was already a postgraduate student in HKUST, I decided to apply for it. Frankly speaking, I lacked confidence at that time because HKPFS only selects the best students with potentials of future achievement from all over the world and no more than 200 out of thousands of applicants have the chance to be awarded. Although I was not confident, I decided on, “if it doesn’t take much time, why not give it a try”. So I submitted my application. Months later, it turned out to be a success. I can still remember the exciting feeling when I got the email stating that I was awarded the HKPF.

Looking back now, I think good undergraduate academic performance and my undergraduate research experience contributed the most to my successful application and this successful application also increased my confidence somehow. Thanks to the HKPFS and the ECE Department, I am now very happy as a member of the ECE big family and working hard to realize my dream step by step at being an excellent researcher in IC design.

You won’t know how far you can go unless you step out and try. HKPFS will help you and won’t let you down!"

Admitted to PhD(ECE) in 2011

"I’m YANG Fan. I graduated from Zhejiang University, China, with a Bachelor’s Degree and entered ECE, HKUST in fall, 2011. Besides outstanding academic performance and research experience, I also won some national and international awards, which became solid foundations for me to apply for the HKPF. I thought HKUST was a place where I believed I could better realize my dream: to maintain a green and efficient life for society, as it has the best professors, state-of-the-art facilities and top students with similar dreams from all over the world. I’m new in HKUST, but I felt the beauty of it at first sight and began to know more about its advantages in all aspects. Within a reasonable timeframe, on this beautiful campus, I can focus and plan my life in accordance with my research in IC Design."

Shibo CHEN
Admitted to PhD(ECE) in 2011

"Hello, my name is Chen Shibo. I'm from the University of Science and Technology of China.

After living in HKUST for a period of time, I now feel it's a really great place. Although it's young, it has been one of the top-class universities in the world. As for the ECE Department, with such an outstanding group of faculty and so many talented students around, I believe everyone here will have a prominent career in the future.

Actually it's been a long time since I first dreamed about studying in HK. Thanks to the HKPFS, my dream has finally come true. With this fellowship, I won't worry about the cost of living any more so I can focus on my research and try my best to make some achievements here.

Anyway, welcome to HKUST! Welcome to ECE!"

Admitted to PhD(ECE) in 2011

"Just graduated from Xi’an Jiaotong University, I’m really very lucky to have the opportunity to continue my study in HKUST, a university full of energy and miracles. As a young student with ambitions, I hope to devote all my passions to my study, my research area and my life.

The technology of wireless communication can bring much convenience to people’s daily life, and has been widely used in communication, transportation, news media and other aspects. Wireless communication and networking is one of the most renowned areas of excellence in HKUST. I believe my research work here will enable me to make contribution to this discipline as well as humankind.

HKPFS gives me a very strong support in economy so that I can concentrate my efforts on my research. What’s more, in the gathering of HKPF awardees, I can also make friends with the excellent people from all over the world.

In HKUST, there are many excellent supervisors and brilliant, hard-working students. I trust I’ll gain a lot working together with the people who cherish the same ideas and follow the same path. I wish we can together contribute towards the next miracle of the university."

Cheng LI
Admitted to PhD(ECE) in 2011

"My name is LI Cheng and I’m from Shandong province. I got my Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering at Zhejiang University. Now my PhD program in the ECE Department at HKUST is setting sail. The field of automation and robotics really catches my interest with its cool technologies and wonderful future, so I choose robotics as my specialty, wishing that people will live more conveniently and have colorful lives with the help of robots.

In my opinion, HKPFS is more than a kind of scholarship. I view it as an honor of the best students with potential to get higher achievement in the world. As a student who aims high, surely I wanted to challenge myself and applied for HKPFS.

Hong Kong is a magic place. It keeps up with the pace of the latest improvements all over the world, while the connection between Hong Kong and mainland China can be so close. HKUST has one of the best academic environments which will really promote the research of any professors and postgraduate students. Moreover, HKUST ranks No. 1 in all Asian universities. So I choose to pursue my PhD degree here."

Admitted to PhD(ECE) in 2011

"Hong Kong is an amazing city that every prospective graduate student might look forward to. The universities in Hong Kong stand out for their ample resources and international atmosphere. HKUST is one of the top universities in Asia and especially its Engineering School holds a fantastic reputation throughout the world. There are many globally renowned scholars and experts, well-developed research network linking Mainland China, Europe and the United States. HKPFS offers a remarkable fund covering all the expense of living and learning in HKUST and many opportunities of meeting other awarded candidates who are elites in their respective research areas. During my studies, I can attend conferences supported by the travel allowance in the fellowship. This award renders me to concentrate on my research without considering financial issues and pushes me towards being an outstanding scholar in the future."

Admitted to PhD(ECE) in 2010

"I obtained my Bachelor's degree from Peking University in 2008. After fulfilling my MPhil study at the ECE of HKUST in 2010, I was determined to continue to pursue my PhD degree at this university. The encouraging environment here for creativity, critical thinking and global outlook has enhanced my development greatly. I strongly believe that it will lay a solid foundation for my future career."

Admitted to PhD(ECE) in 2010

"My name is Dai Wei from Zhejiang University. Now I am a PhD student and my research interest is in video coding. It was really a coincidence to learn about the HKPFS in HK. Once I knew about such a fellowship, I made up my mind to apply for this fellowship within a second because of the reasons below:

First of all, this fellowship really provides a lot of money such that I can focus on my research without worrying about other things. Second, Hong Kong is really a wonderful place for me to study especially in HKUST which is really an excellent school. Third, I think Hong Kong is a well known international city where I can broaden my views and experience more compared to other places.

It is almost one year since I came to HK. I think HKPFS has really helped me a lot in pursuing mu studies in this year. Moreover, this award enabled me to make a lot of other friends in the university which is really exciting."

Yunyou LU
Admitted to PhD(ECE) in 2010

“I came to the ECE Department, HKUST to study as a PhD student in the semiconductor device technology after my undergraduate study in mechanical engineering. Engaging with people of different backgrounds and areas who may have different manners and philosophy in conducting research is of benefit to all of us. Undoubtedly the ECE Department of HKUST is one of the world's most active and advanced centers for microelectronics research. HKUST is a compactly designed young university which is rushing towards new miracles and the Fellowship Scheme is a great support for research and international activities.”

Ying-Khai TEH
Admitted to PhD(ECE) in 2010

"I am a PhD candidate in the Integrated Power Electronics Laboratory of the ECE Department, under the supervision of Prof Philip Mok. I chose to further study in Hong Kong as it is the world city of a growing Asia, where many great minds come to share their ideas. I specifically chose HKUST as it offers one of the finest IC design research programs in the world, proven by its consistent publication records in top IEEE journals and conferences. I am grateful for the generous award of HKPFS as it solves my financial worries to study in this expensive city."

Admitted to PhD(ECE) in 2010

"I am Shu YANG, a PhD candidate in the ECE Department, under the supervision of Prof. Kevin J. CHEN. I have been honored with HKPF in 2010-2011. I have been making great progress in the research field and am enjoying life here. I must emphasize that studying in the HKUST has always been a dream of mine. With extraordinary professors, advanced facilities, excellent peers, wonderful academic atmosphere, I think I can absolutely tap into my potential and explore the unknown world. HKPF has greatly helped me in both life and research, making me focus on my research field and providing more opportunities to communicate with professors and peers."

Lining ZHANG
Admitted to PhD(ECE) in 2010

“I received the HKPF and joined the ECE department in HKUST in September 2010. HKUST provides a dynamic research environment to faculties and students. If you come to ECE, you will find that there are a lot of smart, energetic and responsible faculties around you. From them you will not only learn how to do research but also how to prepare yourself for future development.

The school organizes tea gathering for HKPF awardees every semester and provides us with the chance to make friends from different areas. I have benefited a lot from talking to them.

I am Lining Zhang and strongly recommend you to come to ECE@HKUST.”

Weibin ZHANG
Admitted to PhD(ECE) in 2010

"Hi, I am ZHANG Weibin, a second year PhD student in the ECE department. I come from Guangdong province, China. I spent nearly 10 years in Shanghai, pursuing my bachelor degree and working. After working for a company for about 2 years, I found that it was very boring. Besides, I dreamed about going back somewhere near my hometown so that I could take care of my parents much better. One day, one of my good friends told me that there was a prestigious award –HKPF—in Hong Kong. I decided to try it. One of the key things was to choose which school to go to. Apparently, excellent faculty is very important. However, I also liked to study somewhere near the seaside. Thus I chose HKUST. Fortunately, I was one of the 135 lucky guys that were in the first batch of awardees of the HKPF. After two years of study in HKUST, I found that life here is somewhat different from what I thought before. Because of the high expectation of the department as well as my supervisor, I feel much pressure here. Maybe you should check another meaning for HKUST before coming here. If you want to challenge yourself and do something really good, come here. Hope to meet you here and be your friend!"