Research Areas

The following is a list of of the different research areas at the Department of Electronic & Computer Engineering. Please click on each link for more information on that area.

Biomedical Electronics
targets the engineering solutions for problems in medicine and life sciences..... More


Computer Engineering
focuses on the applications of computer sciences and the electronic engineering that empowers computers..... More


research in solid-state electronics, including both devices and circuits, is a core strength of the Department..... More

Embedded Systems
are computer systems designed for specific control functions within larger systems, which are embedded as part of a complete device that often includes hardware and mechanical parts...... More

IC Design
focuses on advanced digital and analog integrated circuit designs and their applications that are vital for electronics industry and product development..... More


focuses on the fundamentals and applications of semiconductor devices and technology at the micro- and nano-scale..... More


Photonics technology is important in a wide scope of applications using light including displays, lighting, solar energy, laser diagnostics, sensing, and optical communications..... More


Signal & Information
Multimedia signal processing involves the processing, storage and transmission of multimedia data and finds numerous applications in our daily life..... More

System & Automation
focuses on various areas in robotics, CAD/CAM, and control, such as the design, manufacturing, and control techniques of robotic systems..... More


Wireless Communications & Networking
has become extremely important throughout the world and in particular for Hong Kong and China. Related applications include next-generation wireless multimedia communications and broadband networks..... More