Research Areas

The research focus of the department has been consolidated into six major research pillars namely:

Solid-State Electronics and Photonics (S2EP)
This area includes photonics, solid-state materials and devices, applied electromagnetics, as well as display and lighting devices. more


Integrated Circuits and Systems (ICS)
This area includes all aspects of today’s integrated circuits and systems and system-on-chip as well as embedded systems solutions. more


Biomedical Engineering (BME)
This area includes engineering principles and material technology applied to biomedical devices, healthcare as well as bio-inspired processing, computation and modeling. more

Control and Robotic Systems (CRS)
This area includes control and robotic systems technologies and their applications. more

Data Science and AI (DSAI)
This area is devoted to the development of theory and algorithms in a variety of domains such as big data analytics, artificial intelligence, speech and language processing, financial analytics, computational biology, bioinformatics, neural engineering, deep learning, signal processing, image processing and computer vision, social and multimedia computing. more


Wireless Communications and Networking (WCN)
This area includes emerging wireless communications and networking technologies. more


The wide range of disciplines covered in these six pillars enables ECE Department to be a real multidisciplinary innovator and a solution provider from devices all the way to circuits, systems and applications.