Research Areas

Biomedical Electronics

Biomedical electronics research targets the engineering solutions for problems in medicine and life sciences. In addition to the facilities for electronic circuit design/testing and micro/nano fabrications, the Biomedical Research Laboratory is equipped with advanced femtosecond laser systems and light sources, a 3-D ultrasound imaging system, ultra-sensitive and fast optical detectors, and state-of-art spectrophotometers and imaging sensors.

Research in this area includes:
Biomedical microdevices
Computational neuroscience
Computational proteomics
Genome-wide SNP data analysis
Micro-electro-array technology for cell level biological signal processing
Micro-electro-DNA detection system by microfabrication techniques
Neuromorphic and bio-mimetic engineering
Non-invasive imaging technology for early detection of cancers
Optical coherence tomography for in vivo imaging human tissue
Sensors for non-invasive quantification of important biological analytes
System modeling of physiological functions
Ultrasound image analysis
Visual information processing and its applications in medicine


Faculty Research Centers, Facilities and Labs
Mansun CHAN 陳文新
Jianan QU 瞿佳男
George Jie YUAN 袁杰
Bertram SHI 施毅明
Levent YOBAS
Weichuan YU 余維川
Research Centers and Facilities:
Center for Medical Diagnostic Technology (CMDT)
Nanosystem Fabrication Facility (NFF)
Research Lab:
Biomedical Instrumentation Laboratory