Research Areas

Biomedical Engineering (BME)


This area includes engineering principles and material technology applied to biomedical devices, healthcare as well as bio-inspired processing, computation and modeling. Biomedical Engineering research targets the engineering solutions for problems in medicine and life sciences. In addition to the facilities for electronic circuit design/testing and micro/nano fabrications, the Biomedical Research Laboratory is equipped with advanced femto-second laser systems and light sources, a 3-D ultrasound imaging system, ultra-sensitive and fast optical detectors, and state-of-art spectrophotometers and imaging sensors.



Faculty Research Centers, Facilities and Labs
Jianan QU
Bert SHI
Levent YOBAS
Weichuan YU
Research Centers and Facilities:
Center for Medical Diagnostic Technology (CMDT)
Nanosystem Fabrication Facility (NFF)
Research Lab:
Biomedical Engineering Laboratory