Research Areas

Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering focuses on two interacting aspects of computers, namely their application and their creation. It is a discipline which bridges the gap between Computer Science and Engineering of all kinds. While Computer Engineering can be viewed as an applied part of Computer Science, it is driven by applications and powered by the implementation technologies supported by Electronic Engineering.

Research in this area focuses on:
Computer-Aided-Design Tool Development, including design automation for VLSI-implemented systems and circuits
Computer Architecture including hardware/software balance and tradeoff
Computer and Communication Networking, including parallel and distributed computing, distributed software and special-purpose processors
Computer Vision Systems with application to instrumentation and control
Data-Domain Conversion, as between analog and binary or multiple-valued digital signals
Man-Machine Systems, including user interfaces and multimedia presentation and instruction
Neural-Network Techniques and applications, as in active sensing
Signal processing as for Image/Speech Compression/Reconstruction Recognition/Synthesis
System Evaluation and Integration, including hardware/software co-design and software engineering
VLSI Design targeting mobile computing, multimedia, and high-speed network applications


Faculty Research Centers and Facilities, Teaching and Research Labs
Mansun CHAN 陳文新
Pascale FUNG 馮雁
Ming-Lei LIOU 劉名雷
James SHE 許丕文
Danny Hin-Kwok TSANG 曾憲國
Chi-Ying TSUI 崔志英
Jiang XU 須江
George Jie YUAN 袁杰
Wei ZHANG 張薇
Research Centers and Facilities:
Cooperative Research Center for MPEG-4 Based Information Technology
Human Language Technology Center (HLTC)
Multimedia Technology Research Center
Teaching Labs:
Digital-Electronics and Microprocessor Laboratory
PC CAD Laboratory
Research Labs:
Advanced VLSI Design and Test Laboratory
Computer-Networks and System-Integration Laboratory
Machine-Intelligence Laboratory
Mobile Computing System Lab
Nanoelectronic Circuits and Gigascale Systems Laboratory
Signal-Processing and Communication Laboratory
Xilinx-HKUST Joint Lab