Research Areas


Research in solid-state electronics, including both devices and circuits, is a core strength of the Department. Ecotronics, a new focus area of the Department, encompasses the research and application of solid-state electronics to address environmental and energy-related engineering problems. Currently pursued are projects in solid-state lighting, solar cell, smart grid, energy-efficient electronics, electronics for the smart use of energy, and power saving (green) LCDs including E-paper LCDs (FLC, ORW).


Faculty Research Centers, Facilities and Labs
Kevin CHEN 陳敬
Zhiyong FAN 范智勇
Wing-Hung KI 暨永雄
Hoi Sing KWOK 郭海成
Kei May LAU 劉紀美
Philip K.T. MOK 莫國泰
Johnny K. O. SIN 單建安
Chi-Ying TSUI 崔志英
Man WONG 王文
Patrick YUE 俞 捷
Research Centers and Facilities:
Centre for Display Research (CDR)
Nanosystem Fabrication Facility (NFF)
Photonics Technology Center
Semiconductor Product Analysis and Design Enhancement (SPADE) Center
Research Lab:
Integrated Power Electronics Laboratory
Wide-bandgap Semiconductor Electronics Laboratory