Research Areas

Embedded Systems

Embedded systems are computer systems designed for specific control functions within larger systems, which are embedded as part of a complete device that often includes hardware and mechanical parts.

Research in this area focuses on:
Computer vision and sensing systems with application to instrumentation and control
Cyber physical systems
Data-domain conversion between analog and binary or multiple-valued digital signals
Embedded system architecture including hardware/software balance and tradeoff
Low-power low-energy embedded system design
Man-machine systems
Mobile embedded systems
Network-on-chip and multi-core system-on-chip
System evaluation and integration
VLSI design targeting mobile computing, multimedia, and high-speed network applications


Chi-Ying TSUI 崔志英
Jiang XU 須江
Wei ZHANG 張薇
Research Labs:
Mobile Computing System Lab
Xilinx-HKUST Joint Lab