Research Areas

IC Design

Research in this area focuses on advanced digital and analog integrated circuit (IC) designs for use in a variety of applications including wireless communications, power electronics, smart sensing, embedded systems and control.

Particular examples are:
Advanced techniques for digital signal processing
Analog implementation of biologically inspired vision processors
Biomedical electronics
Electronic nose
High performance analog integrated circuits for wireless communications such as RFID, Wifi, LTE and biomedical applications
Image and speech processing
Image sensors
Integrated power electronics
Power management IC
Temperature sensors



Faculty Research Centers and Facilities, Teaching and Research Labs
Mansun CHAN 陳文新
Kevin CHEN 陳敬
Justin CHUANG 莊哲義
Wing-Hung KI 暨永雄
Jack LAU 廖家俊
Howard Cam LUONG 梁錦和
Philip K.T. MOK 莫國泰
Charles SODINI
Chi-Ying TSUI 崔志英
Liang WU 吳亮
George Jie YUAN 袁杰
Patrick YUE 俞捷
Wei ZHANG 張薇
Research Center and Facility:
Integrated-Circuit Industrial Consortium (IC2)
Teaching Labs:
Digital-Electronics and Microprocessor Laboratory
PC CAD Laboratory
Research Labs:
Advanced VLSI Design and Test Laboratory
Analog Research Laboratory
Integrated Power Electronics Laboratory
Mobile Computing System Lab
Nanoelectronic Circuits and Gigascale Systems Laboratory
Sensor and Instrumentation Laboratory