Research Areas


Photonics technology is important in displays, lighting, solar energy, biomedical diagnostics, sensing, optical communications and next-generation data centers and computing. Our Photonics Group spearheads research in all these high-impact areas, with emphasis on display technology and solid-state lighting. The Nanosystem Fabrication Facility (NFF) assists in fabricating many of our photonic devices. The Center for Display Research coordinates activities for faculty members engaged in displays-related subjects.

Some of our photonics research topics include:
Bistable liquid crystal displays
Electro-optic thin film materials
GaN-based light-emitting diodes
Liquid crystal optics
Liquid crystal photonics devices
Low-temperature polycrystalline thin-film transistors
Optical communications
Optical interconnects for next-generation data centers and computing
Optical microcavities
Optical trapping and manipulation
Organic light-emitting diodes
Silicon microdisplays
Silicon photonics
Solar energy


Faculty Research Centers, Facilities and Labs
Hoi S. KWOK 郭海成
Kei-May LAU 劉紀美
George, Zhaojun LIU 劉召軍
Andrew Wing-On POON 潘永安
Jianan QU 瞿佳男
Michael SUNG 宋思齊
Ching W TANG 鄧青雲
George Jie YUAN 袁杰
Research Centers and Facilities:
Centre for Display Research (CDR)
Photonics Technology Center
Research Labs:
Biomedical Instrumentation Laboratory
Electro-Optics Laboratory
Optical Device-Characterization Laboratory
Photonic Device Laboratory
Photonic Materials Laboratory