Research Areas

Signal and Information

Signals and information refers to information represented in multiple forms, including video, image, graphics, audio, speech, and text. It has a large number of important applications including multimedia, financial engineering, bio-informatics and speech recognition. Multimedia signal processing involves the processing, storage and transmission of multimedia data and finds numerous applications in our daily life. Examples of related consumer electronic devices include: digital TV, cable-TV, satellite TV, IPTV, mobile TV, DVD, iPod, digital camera, camcorder, digital photo frame, mobile phone, and game devices such as Wii, PS3, PSP, NDS, etc. The high standard of living and the convenience that we are enjoying result from recent advances in multimedia technology.

Areas under study include:
3DTV, multiview processing
Computer vision
Image/video compression, standards
Software/hardware co-design
Sparse coding
Stereo and motion processing
Visual color capture/display
Watermarking, forensics, security and encryption

These areas have diverse applications in telecommunications, robotics, assistance to doctors, automobiles and telematics.


Faculty Research Centers, Facilities and Labs
Pascale FUNG 馮雁
Ming-Lei LIOU 劉名雷
Bertram SHI 施毅明
Charles SODINI
James SHE 許丕文
Kam Tim WOO 胡錦添
Weichuan YU 余維川
Bing ZENG 曾兵
Research Centers and Facilities:
Cooperative Research Center for MPEG-4 Based Information Technology
Human Language Technology Center (HLTC)
Multimedia Technology Research Center (MTrec)
Research Labs:
Biomedical Instrumentation Laboratory
Signal-Processing and Communication Laboratory