Research Areas

System and Automation

Research in this area covers advanced topics in robotics, CAD/CAM, and control, including:
Applications of robotic technologies to manufacturing and industrial automation
CAD/CAM integration
Computer-aided setups and online quality inspection systems
Computer control systems
Design, analysis and control of multi-robot manipulation systems
Gross/fine motion and task planning
Intelligent control of robots
Intelligent manufacturing systems including design and development of sensor-based advanced controllers for machine tools
Man-machine interface
Modeling, Analysis and Control of Cyber-Physical Systems
Networked Control Systems
Networked Sensing and State Estimation
Nonlinear control and applications of non-linear control techniques to robotics and manufacturing adaptive control
Optimal control
Robot sensing
Smart grid
Theory and application of robust control




Faculty Research Centers and Facilities, Teaching and Research Labs
Xiren CAO 曹希仁
Zexiang LI 李澤湘
Li QIU 丘立
Ling SHI 施凌
Danny Hin-Kwok TSANG 曽憲國
Tommy TONG 湯文貞
David K. K. YOUNG 楊家強
Research Center and Facility:
Automation Technology Center (ATC)
Teaching Lab:
Robotics Teaching Laboratory
Research Labs:
Automatic-Control Laboratory
Robot Manipulation Laboratory