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Advanced Electronic Packaging and Assembly Cooperative Research Center

Integrated circuit chips are first packaged in a plastic or ceramic package. They are then assembled onto printed wire boards (PWB). As the density of chips increases, one approach is to do away with the chip package altogether and assemble the chips directly on the PWB. This is called the Direct-Chip-Attach (DCA) or Chip-on-Board (COB). If multiple chips are involved, it is known as Multichip Module (MCM). Chips can be assembled on the PWB using the conventional wire-bonding, flip-chip or Tape-Automated bonding (TAB). These techniques - flip-chip, direct-chip-attach multichip module (MCM) - can reduce the size of the electronic assembly drastically and at the same time improve the performance (speed), reliability, and manufacturing cost of the electronic assembly. The objectives of the project are: to develop (1) flip-chip bumping and assembly technology on PWBs for direct-chip-attach (DCA) and Multichip Modules (MCM) applications; and (2) the associated design and manufacturing technologies that include solder joint integrity inspection, testing, rework, thermal management, mechanical characterization, chip encapsulation and reliability assessment.