Research Centers and Facilities

Automation Technology Center (ATC)

The Automation Technology Center (ATC) is dedicated to research and development of technologies for manufacturing and industrial automation. Its goal is to become an internationally reputed center encompassing basic research on the fundamental theory of automation systems, development of new technologies and products for industrial automation, and the promotion of applications of new technologies for manufacturing industries in the region.

1. Conducts research and development projects in automation technologies;
2. Offers training and education programs combining rigorous theory with solid experiments;
3. Provides technology transfer and consultant services for industry and government;
4. Undertakes joint development projects with local companies; and
5. Promotes automation technology research at HKUST.

Research Areas
Robotic manipulation;
Robotic systems for automation and manufacturing applications;
Industrial vision and sensing systems;
Process control and fuzzy logic control systems;
Advanced control techniques for mechatronic applications;
Actuators, motor drive and control systems;
Transportation automation;
Industrial motion control applications (motion control systems and CNC systems);
CAD/CAM software and system integration; and
Foundation of manufacturing science.