Research Centers and Facilities

Centre for Display Research (CDR)

The Center for Display Research (CDR) was established by the Hong Kong Government Industry Department at HKUST in August of 1994. The purpose of CDR is to provide basic research support for the local Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) industry. Over $12 million has been used to establish an LCD laboratory. This LCD laboratory, when combined with the Microfabrication Center at HKUST, will be capable of producing 4 inch panels of active-matrix LCD using thin-film transistors, as well as standard TN, STN LCDs. CDR will concentrate on several areas of display research: thin-film-transistor materials and devices, new display schemes, optical-system design, microfabrication technology, liquid-crystal material development, and chip-on-glass packaging technology. Faculty from ECE, Physics and Chemistry are involved in CDR.