Research Centers and Facilities

Center for Medical Diagnostic Technology (CMDT)

The Center for Medical Diagnostic Technology, formally established in February 1998, serves as the nucleus of interdisciplinary research in medical technology with the School of Engineering and School of Science at HKUST. Its aim is to promote interaction between research groups in the two schools and to encourage the transfer of knowledge and product ideas to industry for development of innovative medical devices. Part of the major equipment of the center is open to support the local scientists and engineers for the fundamental and applied research in the medical diagnostics.

Key Areas of Investigation
Medical Imaging: Development of non-invasive technology for diagnosis of diseased soft tissue based on optical, ultrasound, MRI and other advanced imaging technologies.
Medical Electronics: Development of signal acquisition and processing strategies for cost effective and portable medical instruments.
Biosensors: Development of electrochemical and optical sensors for rapid measurement of biochemicals in body fluids and detection of microorganisms.