Research Centers and Facilities

Hongkong Telecom Institute of Information Technology (HKTIIT)

This Institute was founded with a $100 million grant from Hongkong Telecom Foundation. The formation of the Institute is based on the recognition that the future economic well-being and development of Hong Kong is highly dependent on telecommunication and information technology. The establishment of HKTIIT is an investment in the future technological development of Hong Kong. All Schools at the University are expected to be involved in the research activity of this Institute.

Undergraduate scholarships and postgraduate research assistantships are offered through the Institute, and certain members of the academic faculty are designated as Fellows.

Research in the University's Schools and Departments receive support in fields such as lightwave technology, network technology, wireless communications, video/multi-media technology, and language and speech technology. Many research projects in ECE are funded by HKTIIT.