Research Centers and Facilities

Human Language Technology Center (HLTC)

The Human Language Technology Center (HLTC) is an interdisciplinary research center founded in 1997 to drive new research directions and applications in language engineering, multilingual processing, speech recognition, machine translation, information access, text mining, spoken language understanding, and Chinese language processing.

The next decade will see massive progress in speech and natural language technology. Demand for intelligent multimedia interfaces has risen sharply with the increasing sophistication of computing and communications systems, the rapid growth of the Internet and intranets, the emergence of computer-telephony integration, and the expanding deployment of wireless communication networks. Human language - spoken and written - is by far the most direct and natural means for human beings to communicate. Human language technology will enable users to communicate in their own language through wireless terminals to intelligent agents providing interactive information services, over worldwide communication and computer networks holding enormous quantities of text and audio data.

Advances in human language technologies have been built upon the contributions from researchers in a number of distinctly different areas, including acoustics and transducers, signal processing, communication systems, speech coding, recognition and synthesis, natural language understanding and generation, language translation, heuristic search and problem solving, multimedia presentation, database management and design, human factors, and others.

Systems built at HLTC include automated language translation for the Internet, speech-based web browsing, and speech recognition for the telephone. Special emphasis is given to machine processing of Chinese language.