Research Centers and Facilities

Multimedia Technology Research Center

This center has evolved from the Video Technology Center, a technology unit of the Engineering Industrial Consortium, which is jointly managed by the Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering and the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. The center is primarily for research. It is currently equipped with various advanced equipment including:

20 Sun Ultra 1 Model 170 workstations connected by a Fore Systems ASX-1000/ 5.0 AC ATM switch for real-time video encoding;
4 GBytes SCSI Hard Disk and Magneto-Optical Drive for on-line video and image storage;
Motorola CD-i Development System with Microware OS/9 real-time operating system for real-time MPEG audio and video decoding;
Integrated Information Technology Inc. (IIT) Desktop Video Compression Board with development kit for real-time H.261 videophone and videoconferencing, and also MPEG-1 decoding;
High quality displaying devices such as, EIZO High Resolution Multisync Monitor, BarcoVision 1200HD High Definition Video Projector and Barco HDM2081 High Definition 32" Monitor;
Dolby AC-3 audio decoder and multi-channel surround sound system;
Viewstore VS5000 Video Sequencer with 768MBytes memory for real-time video processing; etc.

These offer real-time multimedia-signal-processing capability, visualization of the processed image, and video and subjective visual-quality comparison.

Research work currently underway ranges from video and image processing to visual communication. It includes image coding and enhancement, image or facial recognition, video conversion and composition, motion estimation, very-low-bit-rate video, visual telephony, videoconferencing, Video-On-Demand service, HDTV transmission, 3D TV, etc. Most of the work concerns computer-based analysis and simulation, high-performance algorithms and real-time architectures for various applications based on JPEG, MPEG, VQ, wavelet theory, fractal, model-based approach, etc. As the focus of the research is on realistic applications, their implementation considerations are of much interest.