Research Centers and Facilities

Photonics Technology Center

The new Photonics Technology Center was established in the ECE department in early 2001, jointly funded by HKUST, the Innovation and Technology Commission, and local optoelectronic industry. Our mission is to carry out R&D projects on photonic components for display and optical network applications. The technology is compound semiconductor (GaAs, InP, GaN, etc) based and experimentally oriented. The first major project of the Center is to develop new technologies for the manufacture of high-brightness GaN-based blue/green/white light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to help the local optoelectronics industry sharpen its edge in a fast-growing world market. The project is also supported by an equipment grant from the German company AIXTRON AG, for the purchase of an AIX2000HT Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition (MOCVD) system, which is essential for the production of reliable, large-quantity and highly efficient LED structures. Together with the Nanosystem Fabrication Facilities (NFF) and Material Characterization and Preparation Facilities (MCPF) in HKUST, we have full capability of design, epitaxial growth, material characterization, fabrication, and testing of most optical components such as LEDs, diode lasers, photodetectors, and high-speed transistors.