Teaching and Research Labs

WIreless Communications Integrated Circuits Laboratory (WIC2L)
Website: http://www.ece.ust.hk/~wic2l

Research in our group covers a wide range of topics in analog, RF, and mixed-signal integrated circuits and systems. The main emphasis is on innovations in system architecture and circuit implementation for wireless communications in RF and mm-Wave frequencies. Our designs focus on CMOS implementation with low voltage, low power, and high integration level with minimum off-chip components. Our strength is on novel design techniques for RF and mm-Wave fully-integrated frequency synthesizers, VCOs, and frequency dividers, and frequency multipliers. In terms of system integration, we have designed and demonstrated single-chip receivers/transmitters/transceivers for various standards and applications, including GSM, TV Tuners, UWB, WCDMA/WLAN, software-defined radio (SDR), RFID, IoT, and biomedical electronics.