Teaching and Research Labs

Chemical-Mechanical Polishing Laboratory

As its name implies, this laboratory is equipped with polishing machinery for poly-crystalline Silicon, Silicon Dioxide and Metal to enhance the surface smoothness of the three materials which are often use in modern IC devices, including micro-processor, DRAM, EEPROM and TFT in LCD display.

The polishing process is carried out by applying appropriate chemicals which slowly and evenly attack the target material which is then removed by means of a rotating soft pad, thus named Chemical-Mechanical Polishing.

Currently, CMP (Chemical-Mechanical Polishing) is used for planarization in multiple layers of metal inter-connect. The increase in the number of metal layers provides the freedom for engineers to design chips with more complex logic and a smaller area. The CMP can also be used to polish polysilicon as well. A smooth surface of poly-crystalline Silicon and Silicon Dioxide is believed to enhance the performance of IC devices, particularly for those involved multiple layers of poly-crystalline Silicon such as, DRAM, EEPROM and TFT in LCD display, all of which being the hottest research topic.