Teaching and Research Labs

Device-Characterization Laboratory
Website: http://dcl.ece.ust.hk/

The DCL is a multi-purpose laboratory for semiconductor-device characterization and integrated-circuit testing. The laboratory is equipped with a variety of advanced equipment for characterizing electronic devices, optoelectronic devices, power devices, and integrated circuits in both wafer and packaged forms. In addition, facilities for wafer dicing and packaging are also available. Specific equipment includes semiconductor parameter analysers, capacitance meters, oscilloscopes, system controllers, IC testers, and an infrared video inspection system. A number of systems are equipped for automatic software-driven measurements.

One set of equipment is dedicated to undergraduate and postgraduate classroom use so that students can gain hands-on experience. General measurement by students, postgraduates, and faculty is conducted on equipment dedicated to research in the DCL. In addition, access to this laboratory can also be provided to researchers from other departments and schools. Finally, the Microelectronic Fabrication Facility has additional equipment for characterization and evaluation of the semiconductor-fabrication processes at HKUST.