Teaching and Research Labs

Fine-Line Lithographic Laboratory

In this laboratory, fine-line lithography for microelectronic research, using electron beam and laser direct write techniques, is provided. The facility is capable of both mask making and direct-write on wafer. The electron beam lithography system is a Leica EBML-300 system which is fully controlled by computer. It can provide high-precision lithography for the fabrication of advanced semi-conductor and related devices with deep submicron dimensions. The system makes use of a vector scan beam deflection in combination with an accurate stage control system, which enables the user to produce a high resolution and a high quality submicron lithography over extended areas. Exposure can be made directly on mask plates or wafers.

For larger dimension (>1.5um) microelectronic applications, laser direct write on wafer or for mask making is more efficient. Our laser direct write system is an Intertech ISI-2808 microlithographic tool, which provides the benefits of laser writing on optical masks or wafers. The yield of the system is over 90%, and the system up-time is over 80%. Apart from accepting HKUST internal mask requests, submissions from the other institutions are accepted.