Teaching and Research Labs

HKUST-Qualcomm Joint Innovation and Research Laboratory (HQL)

Founding Director: Prof. C. Patrick Yue

Deputy Director: Prof. Liang Wu

About HQL

As the Greater China’s importance to QUALCOMM continues to grow both as a market and a R&D hub, the need to establish synergy with elite universities in the region becomes imminent for both research collaboration, talent development & recruitment and open innovation.

With the support of the Qualcomm University Research (UR) program and the devoted joint effort of the Qualcomm Research team and the faculties of HKUST ECE Department, the HKUST-Qualcomm Joint Innovation and Research Laboratory (HQL) was officially established in September 2013. The launch of HQL marks the beginning of a long-term collaboration between Qualcomm and HKUST on research as well as education. Professor C. Patrick Yue is serving as the Founding Director of the HKUST-Qualcomm Joint Innovation and Research Laboratory

The mission for establishing HQL is to sponsor research and talent-development programs in strategic areas that are of particular interest to Qualcomm and can harness the strengthens of ECE Department. With an annual budget of HK$ 1.5M, HQL provides a platform to effectively utilize the funding resources to create synergy between related projects and harness the expertise of multiple faculties by promoting interdisciplinary projects. The initial research focus under the HQL Joint Research Program will be “Enabling technology for Next-Generation Internet Infrastructure”. Four projects have been selected for funding. Both Qualcomm and HKUST will expand the research collaboration through joint proposals for governmental and national research programs.

2014 - 2015:

Research projects currently being funded:

1. Low-voltage CMOS Clock and Data Recovery Circuits for 100-Gbit Ethernet
Investigator: Prof. C. Patrick Yue

2. Cache-Induced Opportunistic MIMO Cooperation for Video Streaming in 5G Wireless Systems
Investigator: Prof. Vincent Lau

3. High-Precision Visible Light Indoor Positioning System
Investigators: Prof. Liang Wu and Prof. C. Patrick Yue

4. Implementation of joint perceptual/behavioral development on a mobile robot platform
Investigator: Prof. Bertram Shi

2013 - 2014:

1. Cost-effective, energy-efficient optical links for datacom and consumer applications based on advanced CMOS optoelectronic IC

2. Hybrid-integrated photodetectors and all-silicon active devices for on-chip optical interconnects

3. Visible Light Communication transceiver design using GaN LED-on-Silicon microsystem

4. Implementation of joint perceptual/behavioral development on a mobile robot platform

Annual Review
@ Qualcomm Headquarters in July 2014
HKUST Alumni Dinner in San Diego