Teaching and Research Labs

Integrated Power Electronics Laboratory
Website: http://www.ece.ust.hk/~ipel/

The IPEL is a research laboratory for applied research related to power electronics. Our research activities cover the areas from power semiconductor devices and technology to power integrated circuits and systems, and currently concentrate on low to medium power applications (sub-KW) that are related to ballasts, DC-DC converters, and telecommunications. The laboratory is equipped with high voltage power supplies, current probes, power meters, high voltage curve tracer, high voltage pulse generator, power device parameter analyzer, Sun Ultrasparc workstations, etc., for design and characterization of power devices and circuits.

Current research activities:
Analysis and modeling of switch mode power converters and linear regulators
Design of dimmable electronic ballasts and power factor correctors
Implementation and analysis of switched-capacitor power converters
Design of power modules for telecommunication applications
Design of bi-directional and high temperature power semiconductor devices
Design of integrated circuit technology for high voltage applications
Design of RF power amplifiers for wireless communications
Design of high voltage display driver circuits