Teaching and Research Labs

Smart Sensory Integrated Systems Lab
Website: http://www.ece.ust.hk/~s2is

The Smart Sensory Integrated Systems Lab (S2IS) is primarily interested in developing new circuits and systems for smart sensors and microsystems.

Our research at the S2IS lab combines wide expertise from the areas of integrated circuits, systems and sensors design as well as signal/image processing algorithms and their VLSI implementation.

Our research is best described as being in the crossroads between algorithmic solutions and hardware friendly VLSI architecture for sensors applications (vision sensors as well as gas sensors and olfactory systems). The aim behind implementing such algorithmic solutions in CMOS VLSI technologies is to be able to build smart Microsystems in which sensing and processing are integrated as closely as possible hence achieving high performance and low cost.

The research interests of this research Lab are related to time-domain CMOS image sensors as well as new algorithmic and VLSI architectural solutions for both vision and electronic nose Microsystems.