Teaching and Research Labs

Advanced VLSI Design and Test Laboratory

This is both a research and teaching laboratory for undergraduate and postgraduate courses such as Very Large Scale Integrated Circuit (VLSI) design and ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) design and testing. The laboratory is equipped with 30 Sun Sparc workstations and 32 Gigabytes of disk memory. The heart of the laboratory is the University Software Program from Cadence Design Systems and Synopsys. Other software installed includes HSPICE from Avanti, SUPREM4 and MEDICI from Technology Modeling Associates, and UTMOST from Silvaco. The FPGA design software installed includes the Xilinx foundation version 1.5 and Altera Maxplus II version 8.2.

The testing portion of the laboratory consists of six Integrated Measurement Systems, Inc. (IMS) ST ASIC testers. Each tester is controlled by a personal computer. Each ST can be programmed to force or measure up to 32 channels at 20MHz. With the integrated tester, input test vectors from logic simulation can be forced to the corresponding pins of a fabricated integrated circuit or a programmable ASIC such as FPGA. Tester software displays the acquired output and the simulated output next to each other. Discrepancies between the two are easily visualized. The laboratory also has a Logic Master XL. The XL is a high-performance and high-pin-count tester with mixed analog and digital testing capability. The XL is controlled by a SUN workstation connected to the network.