Teaching and Research Labs

Wireless-Communication Laboratory

From baseband and RF circuits to microelectronics operating at 50GHz, the WCL is equipped to perform circuit, device, antenna and channel measurements. The laboratory's goal is to provide a full set of facilities for developing high-frequency circuits and systems, and to foster an environment where systems engineering, circuit design and device fabrication cooperate at many levels.

The laboratory is equipped with several Sun workstations and PC's to perform electromagnetic analysis of planar integrated circuits and antennas (Sonnet), VLSI tools (Cadence, Synopsys) microwave and traditional SPICE linear and nonlinear circuit simulations (Agilent ADS, Ansoft HFSS, Synopsys HSPICE), systems simulation and design (SPW, MATLAB) and device parameter extraction (Agilent ICCAP).

Development systems
The results of simulations are used to realize actual circuits and systems. For example, SPW systems simulation can directly generate DSP code, which can be utilized with the laboratory's TMS320 DSP development system to build baseband processing circuits. Such simulations can also result in rapid development of FPGA's via Xilinx. These can be then mounted on high-speed printed circuit boards produced inside the laboratory using precision printed circuit board machining equipment driven by ORCAD. This equipment is also well suited for producing high-frequency circuits and antennas designed and simulated using Sonnet and Series IV.

Measurement equipment
In addition to this, the laboratory offers a wide range of frequency- and time-domain measurement possibilities for characterizing high-speed circuits, antennas, devices and radio channels. Equipment includes 26GHz spectrum analyzer, several network analyzers with capabilities up to 50GHz, a vector signal analyzer, 6-path fading simulator, communication signal analyzers, high-speed analog and digitizing scopes, noise parameter extraction system, and numerous pulse and signal generators. These can be used together with a high-frequency probe station and a membrane probe card in order to perform on-wafer RFIC/MMIC measurements. The laboratory has an anechoic chamber for performing antenna measurements and EMC testing.

Agilent ADS and ICCAP at ELEC, HKUST