Teaching and Research Labs

Teaching Labs

Digital-Electronics and Microprocessor Laboratory
Kirchhoff and Shannon Labs
Moore's Laboratory
PC CAD Laboratory
Robotics Teaching Laboratory

Research Labs

Advanced VLSI Design and Test Laboratory
WIreless Communications Integrated Circuits Laboratory (WIC2L)
Automatic-Control Laboratory
Big Data System Laboratory
Biomedical Engineering Laboratory
Broadband-Network Laboratory
Chemical-Mechanical Polishing Laboratory
Device-Characterization Laboratory
Electro-Optics Laboratory
Fine-Line Lithographic Laboratory
HKUST-NIE Social Media Laboratory
HKUST-Qualcomm Joint Innovation and Research Laboratory (HQL)
Integrated Power Electronics Laboratory
Machine-Intelligence Laboratory
Nanoelectronic Circuits and Gigascale Systems Laboratory
Networked Control Laboratory
Optical Device-Characterization Laboratory
Photonic Device Laboratory
Photonic Materials Laboratory
Reconfiguration Computing Systems Laboratory
Robot Manipulation Laboratory
Robotics Institute
Sensor and Instrumentation Laboratory
Signal-Processing and Communication Laboratory
Smart Sensory Integrated Systems Laboratory
Very-Large-Scale Integration (VLSI) Research Lab
Wireless-Communication Laboratory