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  Our research effort focuses on engineering novel nanostructures with functional materials, for technological applications including energy conversion, electronics and sensors, etc. The research being performed in our lab is highly interdisciplinary involving electrical engineering, materials science and engineering, chemistry and physics. Students and postdocs with strong motivation for cutting-edge research on nanotechnology are welcome to join us.

Recent Highlight


-May, 3,2017, Our collaboration work "A Scalable Indium Phosphide Thin-Film Nanophotonics Platform for Photovoltaic and Photoelectrochemical Devices" is accepted by ACS Nano.

--March, 22,2017, Congratulations to Deep for being conferred with the Ist Runner Up Prize in the 3MT Thesis Presentation organized by the School of Engineering, HKUST.

-March, 22,2017, Congratulations to Airan for his paper "ZnO Quantum Dots Decorated Zn2SnO4 Nanowire Heterojunction Photodetectors with Drastic Performance Enhancement and Flexible Ultraviolet Image Sensors" being accepted by ACS Nano.

-Jan,27,2017, Congratulations to Mahdi's paper " High Quality Organohalide Lead Perovskite Films Fabricated with Layer-by-Layer Alternting Vacuum Deposition for High Efficiency Photovoltaics" being accepted by Materials Chemistry Frontiers.

-Dec. 29, 2019, Congratulations to our previous postdoc Dr. Yongcai Qiu (丘勇才博士) being enlisted in the prestigious "The Thirteenth Round of National Young 1000 Talents Plan" ("第十三批国家青年千人计划")

-Dec. 24, 2017, Congratulations to Aashir for his paper "Lead-free Perovskite Nanowire Array Photodetectors with Drastically Improved Stability in Nanoengineering Templates" being accepted by Nano Letters.






  • Printed Nanowire Arrays
  • Daul-diameter Nanopillars
  • 3D Nanowell for Light Trapping
  • Integrated Nanowire Electronics
  • Nanowell Structure
  • Flexible Nanopillar Solar Cell

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