Paper by Prof. Wai Ho MOW and his research students received APCC'16 Best Paper Award

The paper entitled "On the Minimum Subspace Coding Capacity of Multiplicative Finite-Field Matrix Channels with a Given Rank Distribution" by a team of current and past research students, Mr. LIU Chenchen, Mr. LI Xiaolin, Mr. ZHOU Baojian, and Prof. Wai Ho MOW of ECE has been selected to receive one of the 4 best paper awards at the 2016 Asia-Pacific Conference on Communications (APCC'16).
Subspace coding is an advanced transmission technique to send information over a network with unknown topology. This paper presents a new lower bound on the maximum possible transmission rate of some interesting network scenarios when subspace coding is used. The new bound improves over some existing results and is the best possible in the sense it is achievable by some worst-case network scenarios.
APCC'16 is a major regional conference in the area of communications and the award is jointly sponsored by IEEE Communications Asia Pacific Board, IECIE Communications Society, Korea Information and Communications Society, and China Institute of Communications. In this year, APCC'16 has accepted 126 papers for presentation which corresponds to an acceptance ratio of 42%.

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